Cancellation and Credit Requests for Laboratory Tests

A request by a physician or nursing unit for cancellation of a laboratory test(s) ordered on a patient must be initially directed to Customer Service (924-5227), or to the individual Medical Laboratory that has received the specimen. A reason for cancellation is required on every request to cancel a test. Customer Services or the individual laboratory will confirm the status of the specimen and determine whether cancellation can be made.

If a specimen has been collected, but the test is not in progress, the laboratory test will be canceled with the notation "canceled by physician or unit personnel." The name of the individual who has requested cancellation will be noted in the report.  The charge for the test will be canceled.

If the test is in progress, or has been completed, a cancellation request must be made in writing which fully explains the reason for the request and sent to Customer Service (P.O. Box 800255 or fax # 434-243-6499) within 10 days after laboratory results have been reported. Requests beyond this time frame will require further administrative review.

Requests for cancellation of tests in Anatomic Pathology should be directed to the individual laboratory sections (Cytology, Surgical Pathology, Neuropathology) and will be handled according to individual laboratory procedures.