Public Response

First Response

The Medical Center is a very dynamic environment with multiple people contained within its walls at any given time, including patients, visitors, and staff; any of these people can suddenly become ill or injured.  The Medical Center has multiple designated response teams to assist in these varying patient care situations.  Despite considerable effort for rapid response—every situation has a ‘bridge time,’ defined as the time from initial call for help to arrival of the designated medical response team.   


To assure care for any person who becomes suddenly ill or injured within the Medical Center staff, including both healthcare and non-healthcare employees, can offer assistance in an emergency situation by;


–      Rapidly calling the emergency response number and offering support at a level consistent with their training, ability, and current location. The emergency response number is 4-2012 (or 434-924-2012) within the Charlottesville area or 911 outside the Charlottesville area. This can be found in the departmental Red Book as well.


Life saving techniques, including but not limited to CPR and/or airway protection, will be provided according to staff members training level/ability, job description, and current location until care is transferred to a designated healthcare responder and/or victim is transported to a definitive treatment area. Healthcare providers must follow a ‘hand off of care’ practice to another healthcare provider.  A person with potentially emergent/emergent illness//injury will not be left unattended.


Who Responds to Public Areas or Visitors in the In-patient setting?

The Emergency Response Algorithm  provides detail for response once the emergency response number is activated within the Medical Center Complex. 

Remote clinics will depend upon local emergency responders activated through the 911 system.