Emergency Response Access

Accessing Emergency Response Teams 


You will need to contact an Emergency Operator to request medical emergency assistance.

Specify whether you need,

-Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal Code Team

-Met/Pert/Nert/Bert Team

Give your floor & room number

Stay on the phone until the operator has all the necessary information


When calling the Emergency OperatorDO NOT  dial "0"! Many calls are placed to this number and they are answered in the order they are received...this WILL result in a delay. 

When within the Medical Center ALWAYS  call the Emergency Operator at 4-2012.  This line is designated for emergency calls only and will assure an immediate response.

Areas non-contiguous with the Medical Center please refer to your  Unit Red Book for specific instructions for Medical Emergency.

Additional reference for areas outside of the Medical Center.