Ambulatory Care

Medical Emergency Response Guidance

In the event you have an unplanned medical emergency, you should

  1. Immediately assess the patient to determine the care level needed
  2. Dial the emergency response number indicated on your Emergency Response sheet (found in your unit Red Book)
  3. Provide care at the response level available until emergency responders arrive

Clinic Response Levels

Ambulatory care sites have determined the emergency response levels  based on resources and training available.  Refer to the Ambulatory Care Response Levels for definition and general overview. 

Patient Response Needs

Patient Response Levels provide a common language between unit care providers, emergency dispatchers and emergency responders.  This helps assure responders are  available and appropriately directed to emergent events.

Caring for the Patient Until Emergency Responders Arrive

As local care providers are waiting for emergency responders, the Ambulatory Care Guidelines provide guidance for care during emergent situations.  This helps bridge the care until emergency responders arrive.  The guidance provided varies depending on whether physicians are on-site or if nursing staff are alone. Most ambulatory sites do not routinely care for patients in medical crisis.  These guidelines offer general recommendations for care.

 Medical Center (MC) Policies Related to Ambulatory Settings

MC Policy 0187 offers broad overview of the Health System emergency response plan for medical emergencies, including definitions of resposne teams, response numbers and procedures.

MC Policy 0265 delineates the emergency response training expectations.

MC Policy 0153 provides guidance for conscious sedation.


 Checking Emergency Equipment

Emergency Equipment checks must occur every day the clinic is open and clearly documented. The Emergency Equipment Checklist for Ambulatory Services is found on the Ambulatory Nursing Resources site.

Expectations related to the management of emergency equipment can be found in the Nursing Procedure and Skills area on the MC Clinical Portal.  It is the expectation that a licensed staff memeber (RN or LPN) will complate any and all emergency equipment checks.