What We Have Done

So far, simulations have included:

  • Orientation sessions for new nurses and new physicians from multiple areas
  • Common emergencies for NICU staff and UMA clinic staff
  • In situ mock codes, a chemical exposure drill, and STEMI drills from an outside location for the Emergency Department
  • In situ mock trauma alerts for the ED and Trauma service, including paging out a Trauma Alert
  • Psychiatric emergencies (done in our Sim Room) for Emergency Medicine physicians
  • Codes and peri-code simulations for NNICU and CCU staff as well as RADU and Endoscopy nurses
  • Extended scenarios for nurses and techs new to the STBICU for preparation in caring for an ICU patient
  • Initial code response for 3West/3Central, 6West, and 6East nurses and techs
  • Escalation of Care scenarios (as part of an NES class) with 4th floor nurses
  • Code and sepsis scenarios for the Transitional Care Hospital (by special arrangement)
  • In situ common and high-risk scenarios for the Outpatient Surgery Center
  • In situ Code 12 scenarios, including paging the Code 12 team


If you are interested in adding something to this list, please contact us!