Simulation Resources

We use one of four manikins for most of our simulations.  In addition, we have occasionally used Standardized Patients (trained actors) in some of our psychiatric and stroke emergency simulations.

We have two new manikins!

One is a HAL Mobile EMS Manikin, who simulates respiratory, cardiovascular, GI/GU, and neuro functions.

The other is a SimJunior, who respiratory, cardiovascular, and GI/GU functions.  He represents a 6- to 12-year old child.

Our previous manikins were:

A SmartSTAT 405.  He simulates respiratory, cardiovascular, and GI/GU functions.  He has simulated both acute and critical care patients, as well as cardiac arrests and trauma alerts in the Emergency Department.  He will continue to be part of our simulations, especially simulations done in situ.

A MegaCode Kelly.  He simulates respiratory and cardiovascular functions. He has also simulated both acute and critical care patients.