Patient Testimonials

"I was very pleased and impressed by the ease of the process and the cordiality off the staff."

Fontaine MR, September 2014Very friendly and professional staff all the way through the process/appointment!

Very friendly and professional staff all the way through the process and appointment! 

Fontaine FL, September 2014

 "I have never had a bad experience and have been coming since 1998. Everything has gotten better every time."   

Fontaine MR, August 2014

"The Mammography technologist could not have been better.  She was very friendly, enthusiastic, calming, and caring!"   

Zion Crossroads Mammo, August 2014

"Everyone worked together very well.  I have never seen a place work together like they did anywhere that I have been.  It was a good experience."  

Fontaine CT, August 2014

"A very comfortable setting and the staff helped me get over being so nervous.  I was surprised and relived. Thank you very much."   

Northridge MR, July 2014

"Very knowledge – the staff answered all questions in a respectful and helpful way using lay person's terms.  They did not hurry or rush and were completely professional."  

Zion Crossroads US, July 2014