Prep Guidelines

Bone Density - No Prep Required

Weight Limit: 300 lbs. (Patients exceeding the weight limit can be screened with a forearm scan)

Same day appointments available but must be scheduled.

X-Ray Prep & Guidelines

No appointments required.

Walk-ins welcome at all locations.


Ultrasound Prep & Guidelines

Abdomen Studies

  • Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm: NPO 6 hrs 
  • Complete, RUQ, LUQ, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Hernia: NPO 6 hrs 
  • Liver Doppler, Liver (Hepatoportal and TIPS) transplants: NPO 6 hrs
  • Renal Artery Stenosis: NPO 12 hrs. Patients should also take Gas-X and drink 32 ozs. of water (2 Gas-X tablets with 16 ozs. of water the night before, and 1 Gas-X tablet with 16 ozs. of water the morning of the exam)
  • Renal/Renal Transplants: NPO 6 hrs. Patients should drink 16 ozs of water 1 hour prior to exam and not urinate
  • Bladder: NPO 6 hrs. Patients should drink 16 ozs. of water 1 hour prior to exam and not urinate
  • Ascites Survey: No prep required

Pelvic Studies

  • Transabdominal & Transvaginal: Patients must finish 32 ozs. of liquid 1 hour before the exam and not urinate

Obstetric Studies

  • 1st and 2nd trimester: Patients must finish 32 ozs. of liquid 1 hour before the exam and not urinate
  • 3rd trimester-over 30 weeks: No prep required but patients should not urinate within one hour before their exam

Vascular and Other Studies

  • Upper/Lower Extremities (DVT): No prep required 
  • Popliteal space (Baker's cyst): No prep required
  • Thyroid: No prep required
  • Scrotum: No prep required




MRI Prep & Guidelines

Weight Limits:

  • Traditional MRI 440 lbs.     
  • Large-Bore MRI 550 lbs.

Please allow 2 hours between a MRI exam and a follow-up clinic appointment

Abdomen/Pelvis MRI: Patients may drink, but should not eat 4 hours before the exam.

ALL patients will be asked to change into a gown and scrubs pants for the exam. They should not wear eye make-up.

Patients with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps and aneurysm clips may not be able to be scheduled for an MRI. A proper investigation of the implant will need to be performed by the MRI staff prior to scheduling the patient's appointment. You may wish to consider if a CT is appropriate for the patient.

Exams with Contrast:

GFR test must be done on all patients who are diabetic and/or 60 years of age and older if current labs (within 30 days) are not available.

GFR test will be done at the UVA Imaging center using the I-Stat machine. No additional prep or time is required.

Suggested Protocol for Breast MRI's

Diagnostic MRI - breast cancer, abnormal mammo

Screening MRI - patients who are high risk (family history, etc.) but are currently asymptomatic. Screening MRI's should be scheduled between day 7 and 14 of the patient's menstrual cycle unless it is for a recent diagnosis of breast cancer.

Patients should NOT wear deodorant on the day of the exam.

An MRI will not be performed without a current mammogram within one year unless there is a suspected rupture or leak of an implant.


CT Prep & Guidelines

Weight Limit: 500 lbs.

Extended oral contrast dosing:

Patients whose Abdomen/Pelvis CT exam is indicated for the following diagnosis will be mailed the oral contrast (provided that the CT exam is scheduled at least two weeks out) so they may being dosing at home:

Appendicitis Crohn's Disease

Colon Cancer Diverticulitis

Ovarian Cancer Rectal Cancer

Right Lower Quadrant Abdominal Pain

The prescription for Readi-cat may be given to the patient to be filled at the UVA pharmacy if less than two weeks are allowed before the CT exam is scheduled.

Clears: Water, Coffee or Tea (w/o dairy), Soda, Apple Juice, No Citrus Juice

Abdomen & Pelvis: Clears for 4 hours

Pelvis: Clears for 4 hours

Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis: Clears for 4 hours

Renal: Clears for 4 hours

IVP: Clears for 4 hours

Abdomen: Clears for 4 hours

Triphasic Liver: Clears for 4 hours

Spine: Clears for 4 hours

Chest: Clears for 4 hours

Head/Brain/Neck: Clears for 4 hours

Pituitary: Clears for 4 hours

Adrenals: Clears for 4 hours

Extremities/Joints: Clears for 4 hours

Osseous Pelvis: Clears for 4 hours

Stone Protocol: Clears for 4 hours

IAC: Clears for 4 hours

Sinus: Clears for 4 hours

Fluoroscopy Prep & Guidelines

Weight Limit: 350 lbs

Medications: Blood thinners, excluding aspirin, must be stopped 5-7 days prior to the procedure and the patient must consult with their physician. Courses of Antibiotics need to be completed or finished 48 hours prior to the procedure.

Transportation: Driver is required for patients having ESI's (epidural steroid injection) and RF Ablations. Driver is suggested for patients having a Nerve Block

The total procedure time can last 30 minutes to 1 hour and patients should expect to remain for 15-30 minutes for post procedure monitoring.













Mammography Prep & Guidelines
  • On the day of your mammography appointment we would ask you to please wear a two piece outfit. 
  • Please do not wear heavy deodorant or powders.

How to Schedule an Exam

Please call (434) 243-0321 to speak with scheduling specialists who would be happy to help you.  Prior to calling please fax order to (434) 243-0307.

How to Obtain a Report

UVA Physicians can access reports via Epic.

Non-UVA Referring Physicians can receive reports via an automated fax service or online through EpicCare Link.

Our specialized radiologists work onsite at UVA facilities and are available for consult by calling the Provider Access Line: 434-924-9400 Option #8