Why Choose UVA Imaging?

Benefits of Referring to UVA Imaging

Expert Interpretation:  Your patients deserve an exceptional experience with the best diagnostic images and expert interpretations from specialized radiologists.

Every exam performed at UVA Imaging is read by one of UVA’s on-site specialized radiologists who has extensive training and expertise in that area of study.  Their expertise results in higher detection rates potentially avoiding additional studies and allowing treatment to begin sooner.

Ease of Scheduling

Convenient Locations: UVA Imaging has advanced technology dedicated to outpatients conveniently located at Fontaine 415, Fontaine 545 Northridge, and Zion Crossroads.

Options for Billing: We accept a wide range of insurance and will gladly make payment arrangements for the patient's portion of the deductible or co-insurance.  We offer discounts to self-pay patients and honor UVA financial screening.

Closings & Delays

There are no closings or delays to report at this time.

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