What to Expect

Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate pictures of many parts of the body. 

Learn how to prepare for an US.

During the Test

Ultrasound images are created by applying a warm gel to the skin and then moving a transducer (also known as an ultrasound probe) over the body part being examined.  It is a completely safe and painless procedure.  You cannot hear or feel the sound waves. 

Nearly every organ in the body can be examined by ultrasound and there are many different types of ultrasound exams.  The type of exam will vary depending on information that your doctor needs. 

Our technologist is concerned for your comfort so please let us know if we can do anything to make you more comfortable during your exam.

Appointments Available:


Scheduling and Results

Scheduling an Appointment

A scheduling specialist would be a happy to help you.  Please call us at (434) 243-0321 to schedule your exam.

All exams require a Physician's order.  Prior to scheduling your appointment, we will confirm that we have received the order.

Your Results

The doctor who ordered your exam will contact you once they have received and reviewed your results.

They may have a specific day dedicated to calling patients, so it may be several days before their office contacts you.  If there is a critical finding on your study, our radiology doctor will contact your doctor as soon as possible to let them know.