Compensation Philosophy

The University of Virginia Medical Center (“UVAMC”) Compensation Philosophy provides a broad set of guidelines for administering pay within the organization.  The goal of the compensation program is to provide a management tool for attracting and retaining the caliber of employees necessary to meet the current and future needs of the organization, and for motivating employees to achieve our strategic goals and objectives within the organization’s financial stewardship responsibilities.

The UVAMC believes that a fairly administered pay program recognizes the value of employees in the work place, and is consistent with the values of UVAMC.


Respect: To recognize the dignity of every person

Integrity: To be honest, fair and trustworthy

Stewardship: To manage resources responsibly

Excellence: To work at the highest level of performance, with a commitment to continuous improvement


The ability of UVAMC to express these core values is, in large part, the result of efforts by the dedicated employees working in all areas of the organization.

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