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Performance Appraisals
Where do I find the Performance Appraisal forms.
Performance appraisals are conducted electronically via PeopleSoft Self Service.
Do I have to provide written comments and supporting documentation for Fully Meets Expectations (2) ratings as well as any other rating level?
No - only if the overall rating on the performance appraisal is not a "Fully Meets;" in that case, you must provide comments in the "Primary Reviewer Comments" field.
Is there a short performance appraisal form I may use to evaluate staff in Pool or Temporary positions?
No.  Unit-based, Medical Center Pool and temporary employees shall be evaluated using the same form that is used for full time, flex and part time employees in the same position title.
I have a pool employee who doesn't work frequently.  May I just review the performance appraisal with him/her over the telephone or send it electronically?
It is important to have two-way communication whenever possible.  Please schedule a time for the employee to meet with you.  If circumstances are extraordinary, please contact your HR Consultant to discuss.
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If an employee is transferred to a new Manager during the performance period, which job title will be used and which Manager completes the evaluation?
Beginning the year, Policy 209 for appraisals states that appraisals are to be completed by the employee’s manager as of June 30th.  Primary Reviewers are encouraged to request colleague input from the employee's prior manager when appropriate.

Recent Hires

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Do I have to complete the OCAE form and a performance appraisal for a recent hire?

All new hires need OCAE forms completed.  If the employee is hired before April 1, they will receive a performance appraisal this year.

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Do I set the goals for my employees or does the employee set them?  If my employee and I disagree with the goal setting, what is the appropriate action to take?

The achievement of a goal, which is both meaningful to the employee and to the department, is more likely if it results from a mutual discussion between the Manager and the employee.  However, if you determine that an employee's goal is not in keeping with your area's best interest, you, the Manager, should redirect the goal setting.

Evaluate the goal by folding it into the job function in which it makes logical sense.

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What if an employee is on leave (FMLA, Medical, Personal, Military) during the performance appraisal process?
Within 15 days after the employee returns to work, the performance appraisal process needs to be completed.  If the employee is absent for 8 or more months of the performance period, the performance appraisal will be deferred until the end of the next performance period.
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What actions should I take if an employee's overall performance is rated as Does not Fully Meet Expectations or if a job function is rated as Does not Fully Meet Expectations?
If an employee's overall rating is "Does Not Fully Meet Expectations", a Performance Improvement Plan must be completed within 30 days of the performance appraisal and reviewed with the employee at least every thirty days for a total period of 90 days.  It is recommended that the employee play an active role in developing this plan as it will be expected that the performance issue will be resolved within ninety days.  Please submit copies of the initial Performance Improvement Plan and any updates to your HR Consultant following review with the employee.  Contact your HR Consultant to discuss any questions you may have regarding the development of the Performance Improvement Plan and the appropriate action to take if the employee is not meeting performance expectations within 90 days.  If a job function is rated as "Does not Fully Meet Expectations" a performance plan to address the concern is highly encouraged and should be maintained in the employee's departmental file.
I have an employee on performance warning.  Should he/she have a performance appraisal?
You should not complete a performance appraisal on an employee who is on Step III of the disciplinary process - performance warning.  Once the employee has successfully completed the performance warning period, you should complete the performance appraisal process.  Any applicable merit increase will be processed after the performance warning period has been successfully completed.
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Are employees who were hired during the performance period required to complete the Annual Competency Record?
No.  Completion of competencies as documented on the Orientation Competency Assessment and Evaluation (OCAE) form is considered sufficient documentation.  All competency assessment forms are to be maintained in the employee's departmental file.

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What if an employee disagrees with the performance appraisal that I have completed?
There is an internal appeal process that an employee may initiate with the Manager.  The employee must appeal in writing to the Manager no later than ten work days after receiving the review.  The employee should include specific examples of why he/she should be evaluated differently and on which performance factors.  The Manager should carefully consider the employee's request and within five business days provide a written response to the employee with a decision to either uphold or revise the performance appraisal.