Welcome & Assimilate

New employees need to understand their role and what is expected of them to feel socially comfortable and accepted within the department. It is important for new employees to also understand the UVA Medical Center culture by learning departmental norms, organizational practices, goals and values. The Welcome & Assimilate process ensures that new employees have the information, access, tools and other resources they need to effectively carry out their duties. Purposeful action on behalf of the manager also helps to improve the level of teamwork and engagement throughout the department.


Available Resources & Tools


Before a new employee arrives, it is critical to plan in advance so he/she can "hit the ground running"

  • Pre-hire Checklist
    A list of recommended tasks to complete in preparation for the new employee's arrival (e.g., arranging appropriate systems access, preparing welcome resources, etc.).

New Team Member Meetings

Guides to help managers ensure they are covering the right information at the right time. Scripted questions are also provided to help glean information about the employee's onboarding experience. This process helps to establish relationships built on a foundation of trust.

Week 1/Week 2 Meeting

Month 1

Month 2 

Month 3

*Month 6 and Year 1 New Employee Meeting Guides are found under the Follow Up for Success section
Buddy Program

Each new employee is assigned a "Buddy" – someone different than their preceptor, a peer who can answer questions about the work environment, culture, resources, and serve as a friend. We know that the new employee needs help integrating into the department, as this is directly correlated to our engagement and turnover.

Welcome Resources Toolkit

A repository of resources to help welcome and guide a new employee. Samples and templates are provided for most documents as a convenience to the hiring department. It is important to modify the documents so that the information is specific and relevant to your department.

Welcome Event

Welcome events demonstrate appreciation and commitment to the new employee. Welcome events also help to promote inclusiveness and excitement amongst the team. A welcome event should be conducted shortly (1-2 weeks) after new employees arrive.

  • Welcome Event Overview
    A list of suggestions for welcoming a new employee into your department. There is not a prescribed formula on how to conduct a welcome event, so creativity is encouraged.

Team Member Identifiers

To help identify and assimilate employees, each employee will be asked to complete an Employee Profile to gain a better understanding of preferences, interests, and career goals. New employees complete this profile as part of their onboarding process. New employees will wear a special ID Badge Holder, obtained at New Employee Orientation, during their first 6 months on the job so existing employees can notice and welcome them to the organization.

  • New Team Member Profile
    A copy of the electronic survey used in the Enwisen onboarding process that asks for additional insight about the career goals and preferences of a new employee. The new employee completes the survey during his/her pre-employment process and the information is sent directly to the hiring manager prior to the official start date. This profile helps the department establish early connections with the new employee.
  • Current Team Member Profile
    A PDF survey that asks for additional insight about the career goals and preferences of a current employee. This profile helps the department establish connections with the employee and create Employee Profile records for all employees across the Medical Center.
  • ID Badge Process for New Hires
    An overview of the new employee ID badge process (worn during the first 6 months of employment).

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