Hire for Fit

The Onboarding process begins as soon as a vacancy occurs. The perceptions created by the organization and the department, the manner in which the interviews are conducted, and the processes for selection are all critical elements in choosing the best candidate for your vacant position. Careful consideration given during the “Hire for Fit” stage will help to ensure that you are hiring employees who not only support the mission, vision, and values of UVA Medical Center but also help us to achieve top performance.

Available Resources & Tools

UVA Medical Center Hiring Process

Research has shown that over 70% of hospital new hire turnover occurs as a result of poor fit, not technical ability. Improved hiring processes have been designed to increase collaboration during the selection process for the hiring manager, the recruitment team, but most importantly, the new hire.

  • Hiring the Best: Recruitment & Hiring Manager Partnership (Not available yet)
    A four-part guide for hiring managers that covers the UVAMC recruitment strategy, standards and expectations, the process for sourcing candidates, and best practices for internal communications.
  • UVA Medical Center Expectations Agreement
    UVA Medical Center’s mission, vision, and specific behaviors that demonstrate the R.I.S.E. values. A form to guide discussions and gain commitment during the one-on-one New Employee Meetings.
  • Required Interview Training
    In order to participate in the interview process, all hiring managers and designees must complete EOP's University Staff Hiring Official Training bi-annually to comply with UVA Medical Center’s Recruitment and Hiring procedures and meet the basic components of our legal obligations as an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.
Behavioral-Based Interviewing

Past experiences and behaviors are the best predictor of future performance. Behavioral-based interviewing helps to uncover specific examples of how a candidate has performed in similar situations in the past.

Peer Interviewing

Including members of the work group in the hiring process (peer interviewing) helps to increase buy-in from the existing employees and gain support for the new employee. It is best practice to conduct peer interviews for all positions.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing allows a prospective employee the chance to observe and ask questions about the job before a formal offer is made. This provides the candidate with an opportunity to see firsthand what the position really entails and it gives the team a chance to see how the candidate reacts in the environment.

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