Follow up for Success

New employees are vital in helping organizations achieve goals, represent values and move the organization forward. Continued onboarding through the first year leads to this success. To ensure new employees are fitting in well and contributing to the success of the UVA Medical Center, they are given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on their experience. This feedback will help the employees feel invested in their position and help to improve the department’s onboarding practices. The ultimate failure of any onboarding program is turnover within the first year.

Available Resources & Tools

New Team Member Meetings

Guides to help managers ensure they are covering the right information at the right time. Scripted questions are also provided to help glean information about the employee’s onboarding experience. This process helps to establish relationships built on a foundation of trust.

Month 4

Month 6

Year 1

  • All Hires - Year 1 Meeting Guide
    A recommended list of items to cover and specific questions to ask the employee during the 5th one-on-one meeting (conducted once the employee reaches one year of employment).

* Week 1/Week 2 – Month 3 New Employee Meeting Guides are found under the Welcome & Assimilate section
Opportunities for employees to provide confidential feedback

To ensure the onboarding program meets the needs of our new employees, two confidential surveys will be deployed to solicit feedback about their experience. Appropriate changes will be made to the program when necessary. In addition, information will be passed to UVA Medical Center leadership to assure accountability and to assist managers with their onboarding processes.

  • Survey 1
    Sample survey sent to the new employee one month after attending New Employee Orientation. Survey questions focus on the employee’s experiences with orientation and department based onboarding.
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