20 Tips for Low-Cost Rewards and Recognition

  1. Movie Tickets.
  2. Gearhart’s Candy gift certificates.
  3. Book of Stamps.
  4. A framed memento/letter/certificate.
  5. Inscribe a favorite book as a gift.
  6. Balloons decorated with appropriate messages.
  7. Purchase a plant or flower arrangement with appropriate message.
  8. Buy the person something to use in his or her hobby.
  9. Candy bar awards within a team or department. Choose something meaningful and make it tradition.
  10. Lunch-on-me coupons.
  11. Take the person to lunch as a form of thanks or to mark a special event.
  12. Doughnuts, bagels, or rolls as an early morning starter.
  13. A "funny" trophy that is passed among team members based on "inside" criteria.
  14. Submit the person's name for a Wall of Fame award. 
  15. Gift Certificates or vouchers that can be used at local department stores, specialty shops, or local merchants; especially appropriate for ones that can be easily assessed during the workday.
  16. Something engraved with the person’s name, such as a pen set, business card holder, plaque, or portfolio.
  17. Paid subscription to a professional magazine or newsletter.
  18. A small contribution to their favorite charity in the person's name.
  19. Authorize a non-standard stationary item; set a maximum limit.
  20. Authorize time-off; full day or half-day.