Your Opinion Counts!

As an organization, we review our Employee Engagement Survey results to build on our strengths and make improvements in areas where you tell us we have opportunities. We have used the 2010 Employee Engagement Survey results and employee feedback to guide strategic decisions and to make your work experience better at the Medical Center. Some accomplishments made over the past year in response to survey results include:

Developing Our Leaders

  • Employee engagement and satisfaction are directly connected to the strength of our leadership team. We have and continue to invest in leadership development at all levels within our team to improve the consistency of how we lead.

    • We implemented Quarterly Uteam Leadership Education Retreats to build the strength of our leaders through education and development.

    • We launched the Uteam Leadership Academy to raise the level of leadership effectiveness. Leaders learn to understand the needs and goals of each employee, coach development, and communicate in a supportive way that inspires. This ultimately leads to improved individual and team performance to achieve the Medical Center’s mission, vision and goals.


Employee Communication

  • Improving communication is also related to an engaged and productive workforce. We implemented the following in the past year:

    • Held three quarterly Uteam Meetings: Medical Center employees both on the main campus and off-site have told us that they appreciate hearing from our senior leaders and feel more informed and connected through these regular all-team meetings.

    • Monthly Night Rounds: For the past several months, senior leadership has had the opportunity to connect with staff on a regular basis during night and weekend rounding on employees. We will be expanding the frequency of rounding and leadership visibility within the units.

    • Medical Center Management Group meetings: These meetings help in developing message points to share with staff on a regular basis promoting more consistent messaging from the top down.


Employee Development

  • We strive to provide clear and actionable feedback to our employees so they can perform at the highest levels:

    • Enhanced Staff Performance Evaluation: This tool has been redesigned to better encourage learning and open dialogue with your manager.


We are proud of the above efforts as an organization and know strive to continually improve employee engagement. Your manager will discuss other accomplishments and improvement made at the department/unit level with your team.


Your participation in the 2011 Employee Engagement Survey is an important way to improve our culture and keep our organization strong to ultimately benefit our patients and their families, and each other.

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