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FY2014 Education Session 1:


The ‘X’ Model of Employee Engagement

Survey Frequently Asked Questions

FY2014 Education Session 2:


Employee Engagement - Who's Sinking Your Boat?

2015 Team Member Engagement Essentials Invite

FY2014 Education Session 3:


What If




Q12 Education

Q12 Roots Causes & Possible Action Steps

Gallup Online:

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Q12 Action Plan - Entering Into Gallup Online

Job Aids for Action Planning:

The Two-Group Approach

15-Minute Huddles

Action Plan Reflection

Team Engagement Resources:

Preparing for the Engagement Survey

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Team

Gallup Q12 Videos & Articles:

Q1 (Know what's expected): Video | Article

Q2 (Materials & equipment): Video | Article

Q3 (Opportunity to do best): Video | Article

Q4 (Recognition): Video | Article

Q5 (Cares about me): Video | Article

Q6 (Development): Video | Article

Q7 (Opinions count): Video | Article

Q8 (Mission/Purpose): Video | Article

Q9 (Committed to quality): Video | Article*

Q10 (Best friend): Video | Article*

Q11 (Progress): Video | Article*

Q12 (Learn & grow): Video | Article*

* - Items marked with an asterisk will be uploaded in the near future