Team Member Referral Incentive Program Policy

Medical Center Human Resources Policy #901

The Medical Center Team Member Referral Incentive Program rewards team members of the University of Virginia Medical Center, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing who identify and refer potential applicants who are hired by the Medical Center into approved positions. Note that special incentive campaigns focusing on unique recruitment needs during a specific time period are not covered under this policy.



  • The referral incentive will be awarded only for applicants who are hired and successfully complete ninety (90) days of active employment in a regular full-time or Flex position approved for participation by the Director of Human Resources Operations.
  • To be eligible for the referral incentive, the referring team member must be an active team member of the Medical Center, School of Medicine, or School of Nursing at the time the referral is made and at the time the incentive is paid.
  • Team Members of Medical Center Human Resources are not eligible to receive rewards through this program. Hiring supervisors/managers and other persons serving as members of an interview panel or search committee involved in the selection process are also ineligible to receive the referral incentive. In addition, team members who represent the Medical Center at a recruitment event will not be eligible for a referral incentive for applicants that are recruited during that event.


Referral Criteria

  • The referred applicant may not have previously responded to published advertisements, have been referred through employment agencies, or have had an application on file with Medical Center Human Resources for one year prior to referral. Former team members who have worked for the Medical Center or the Academic Division of the University in any capacity within two years prior to referral are ineligible to be considered as referred applicants.
  • The referred applicant must list the name of the referring team member as the source of referral when completing an application for employment.
  • A referral form must be completed by the referring team member and submitted to Medical Center Human Resources within five business days following the receipt of the application for employment.


Referral Incentive Payments

  • The referral incentive amount for each position being filled will be determined by the Director of Human Resources Operations, but may not exceed $5,000. Amounts in excess of $500 must also be approved by the appropriate Administrator and Chief.
  • The referral incentive will be paid with the first paycheck following completion of ninety (90) days of active employment by the referred applicant.
  • Referral incentive amounts shall be taxed based upon Internal Revenue Service requirements


Team Member Referral Incentive Program - Medical Center Human Resources Policy #901

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