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CAVPOOL Discounts

The University of Virginia Department of Parking and Transportation currently offers permit price discounts to full and part time employees who are in an active carpool or vanpool.  2-rider carpools receive a 25% discount, 3-rider carpools receive a 40% discount, and carpools/vanpools with 4 or more riders receive a 100% discount.  Riders also receive a set number of Occasional Parking Permits to use on days in which they are unable to ride together.  Additionally, riders may enroll in RideShare's Guaranteed Ride Home Program that covers the cost of a taxi ride home in the event of an emergency.  Cavpool members are also eligible for a bonus Zipcar driving credit.  More information about the program is available on our website:  www.virginia.edu/parking/TDM/CAVPOOL/

Find a carpool: :  Zimride offers online ride matching so U.Va employees can find other U.Va employees to share the ride with.  It’s free to sign up.  www.zimride.virginia.edu

Other programs:

1.  Charlottesville Area Transit:  U.Va faculty, staff, and students can ride CAT buses fare-free with a valid U.Va ID.  http://www.catchthecat.org

 2. Zipcar:  Zipcar provides car reservations by the hour or by the day, making them perfect for mid-day trips, meetings, or errands.  U.Va employees can save $10 off the registration fee and get $35 in free driving credit to use in the first 30 days of membership.  www.zipcar.com/uva

 3. Pre-Tax Parking:  Salaried employees who use payroll deduction to purchase parking permits from University Parking and Transportation services may do so on a pre-tax basis. The program is similar to the pre-tax deduction for health care premiums in that taxable pay is reduced and participants benefit by an increase in take-home or net pay.  Employees who participate in the pre-tax parking benefit will reduce the amount of pay subject to federal income, state income and FICA tax withholdings annually. An employee’s gross pay will not change but his or her net pay will increase due to the lesser amount of pay subject to tax withholding.


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