Intramural Rec. Gym Membership

Full-time Medical Center Employees receive $50 reduction in membership fee. Part-time employees may join at full cost.

Check out the facilities! Aquatics & Fitness CenterMemorial GymnasiumNorth Grounds Rec. CenterSlaughter Rec, and McArthur Squash Center.

Check out the programs! Fitness classes, Intramurals, Outdoor Rec, Aquatic Instruction, and Racquet Instruction.


Annual & 4-month options

Membership Rates:$295/year; $185 4-monthsbenefit package subsidy=$50 off full price for annual membership ($345/year)

• Faculty/staff: Part-time with Benefits, Spouses & Plus One

$345/year; $185 4-months

• Youth Membership

$60/year per child (under 18 y.o.)

Drop-in Group Exercise Pass: $255

• 4-month Unlimited Pass $125

$255 Annual Unlimited Drop-in Group Exercise Pass

$295 Annual Membership Rate

$550 for 365 days ($1.51 per day or $45.83 per month)




 A strong body makes the mind strong."

*Sorry ... those paid by grants or through a foundation are ineligible for payroll deduction.


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