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UVA Health System Employees

Company Code: UVAHEALTH

Your employee benefits just got better!

Welcome to the TicketsAtWork benefits program, our new provider for the theme parks, attractions and shows nationwide.

How can I benefit from TicketsAtWork?

Through TicketsAtWork, you will receive discounts and special access to theme parks and attractions in- cluding the Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Studios®, Las Vegas and New York City shows and performances, Disneyland®, SeaWorld®, Six Flags, and Cirque du Soleil! Also check with Tick- etsAtWork.com for savings on car rental, hotels, tours and attractions across the US. If you’re staying local, save on movie tickets, sporting events, and other special events. And feel free to share the code with friends and family!

How can I order tickets?

There are four ways to access the savings:

  1. Visit the company website and select the TicketsAtWork.com link. You will be automatically logged into the discount website and have unrestricted access to the savings!
  2. Go to www.TicketsAtWork.com. Click on the “Register Now” Box at the top of the homepage. You will then be prompted to create a username and password, and enter our company code.
  3. Once enrolled you will have access to discounts on theme parks and attractions nationwide!
  4. Place your order over the phone by calling customer service at 800-331-6483. Orders are taken over the phone from 8:30am-3am/7 days a week (holidays included). Eastern Standard Time.
  5. Save on shipping costs by picking up your discount tickets at All Access Orlando Vacation Center & Ticket Store, conveniently located on 8472 Palm Parkway, Orlando, FL 32836. Orders can be made in advance by calling 800-331-6483 and walk-ins are always welcome!

How do I find out what’s new?

Once a month, TicketsAtWork sends a monthly savings bulletin to the administrator. Ask about the bulletin today! You can also check back on TicketsAtWork.com whenever you want to find the latest deals.

Enjoy the Savings! 


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