nTelos (Departmental Contracts)

The following discount applies to contract purchased by Medical Center departments.

Plans include the following:

  • No activation fees.
  • Unlimited text messaging at no additional cost.
  • No minutes used to check voice mail.
  • Unlimited nTelos to nTelos minutes; does not pull from plan minutes.
  • Unlimited nights (M-F 19:00-07:00) and weekends.
  • No roaming / long distance fees - no on-network/ off-network pricing.
  • Unlimited e-mail and internet on data plans.

Voice Plan pricing:

  • Option 1 - "Free" lease phone; Motorola 385 or equivalent at $16.99/month with unlimited nTelos to nTelos minutes. No pooled minutes.
  • Option 2 - "Free" lease phone; Motorola 385 or equivalent or can upgrade for additional cost; 1000 pooled minutes, discounted rate as the number of users grows:

        Currently: $36.99/month

Devices available will be the most current version of its type or most current version minus one.  No device updates in fewer than 24 months unless defective or recalled

  • 25% discount on all accessories.

Data Plan Pricing:

  • Blackberry - unlimited data rate $29.99/month.
  • Treo/Motorola Q - unlimited data rate $19.99/month for 1st lline per department; each additional in department at an unlimited data rate of $4.99/month.
  • Air card modem - unlimited data rate $19.99/month.
  • EVDO - unlimited data for smart phones $29.99/month; air cards @ $49.99/month

Contact: Lee Ann Brooks
Phone: 434-760-2045
email: BrooksL@ntelos.com


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