Sam's Club Enrollment

We have reached the required 1,000 registrations so you can now go directly to the payment step.  You have two options.

Print this email and take it with you to Sam's Club.

1. Pay in the store:  Meet with any of the Sam's Club team listed below to make your in-store payment using cash, check, debit (Visa or Master) or credit cards (Discover or Master).  The added benefit mentioned above is that you will receive a one day Guest Pass and be able to shop in the store, that day, prior to receiving your member card which will be mailed during the second week of June.  Typically a Guest Pass includes a 10% fee added to purchases but this fee has been waived for our group membership.

2. Pay by phone: Call any of the Sam's Club team below and make your payment with a Discover or Master credit card (debit cards can not be used for phone purchase).  You may also shop once with a Guest Pass prior to receiving your member card.  Just talk to one of the team members below when you visit Sam's in Charlottesville and ask for your Guest Pass.

Current Members - If you are already a member, signing up for the group membership will extend your current eligibility for how ever many months you have remaining on your card.

Store hours:
9:00 am - 8:30 pm Monday - Saturday
10:00 am - 6:00 pm Sunday


Sam's Club Team

Marcus Adams - Membership Assistant Manager
Tasha Collier - Membership Marketing Lead
Kim Ferko
Angela Wright
Susie Culp
Philip Gibson
Dana Bishop
Tihana Mackjana

Sam's Club Phone: 434.978.2122




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