Health System Academic & Research Employee Council Minutes

Date:  August 21, 2008

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Johy Betts, Terry Bennett, Melissa Chambers, Nell Harlow, Andrea McNeely, Mike Wilson, June Wade, Nancy Kriigel, Becky Yancey (Provost), Della Marsh, Tina Fuller, Keith Johnson, Kathleen Jump (EVP COO), Christina Melton, Leslie Yowell, Kathleen Foster, Lynn McCutcheon, David Smith, Mary Leigh Thacker

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Johy Betts.

II. Reports: none

III. Guest Speakers: Leonard Sandridge, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Marge Sidebottom, Director of Emergency Preparedness

Leonard Sandridge, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sandridge opened his discussion with a report on the 1st year class here at the University.  The class is markedly more diverse with an increase in Indian and Asian students and a small decline of enrolled African-American students.  There is a new dorm on grounds that will accommodate 100 + students.  He then spoke regarding new construction projects totaling 11 buildings to be completed in the next 3 - 3.5 years which will place a strain on traffic.  He asked that employees report any safety/traffic issues directly to him.  He mentioned the upcoming changes regarding our health insurance plan.  The high premium plan monthly premium will increase with the physician co-pays remaining the same.  He described new special services such as acupuncture and increased dental coverage which will be available to plan members.  He reiterated the fact that employees are paying roughly 20% of health care premiums while our employer is paying 80%.  Discussion turned to Sustainability.  Mr. Sandridge brought up a mandate other Universities are signing to become carbon neutral by a specific date.  He declared that UVA will not sign this type of contract when it is unknown exactly how long and to what depth efforts must be in order to meet the requirements.  There is a website which outlines what the University is doing to increase awareness and to step up efforts to be more environmentally conscious.  The State of the University will be held in the Newcomb Ballroom on September 23 at noon.  The discussion will focus on our long term plan to preserve the undergraduate experience, international experience and Provost Tim Garson will highlight efforts in research in science and technology.  Next, the discussion was opened to council for questions and answers.  In regards to alternate work schedules, the Human Resources website has standardized forms and policies outlined by the state.  Mr. Sandridge would like to be aware of areas where employees are not able to reduce work days to four.  Human Resource transactions are taking 90 days to approve in-band adjustments which departments submit quarterly.  Job description changes are taking more than 90 days to process.  The Human Resources department is taking action to step up their efforts but Restructuring has strained their labors.  Mr. Sandridge explained that the state constitution does not allow domestic partners to participate in employee benefits, yet any employee/student can register a 2nd person who resides in their home to use our recreational facilities.  Due to the increase cost for prescription drugs, representatives were informed to approach the UVA Ombudsman to determine what can be done in regards to prescription drugs with no generic substitution.  Currently, there have been abuses by people who are smoking within the 50 foot boundary of the University/Health System buildings.  A task force has been assembled to move smoking areas further away from buildings.  Discussion transitioned to parking.  Payroll deduction is not available for those who use the West Main Street parking garage.  A quick note regarding Information Technology; employees believe there are too many systems and log-ins to interface which slows work performance.  Mike McPherson and James Hilton in the IT department will be addressing the issue.   

Marge Sidebottom, Director of Emergency Preparedness

Mrs. Sidebottom let representatives know that her department will be reviewing and updating to standardize the Pandemic Influenza Plan as well as the Continuity of Operations Plan.  A two year grant which lays the groundwork for a disaster-free University is nearing an end.  It is a cooperative program with FEMA and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.  Mrs. Sidebottom reported that a required terrorism awareness course is inflammatory and that her department will work to edit the module for employee use.  She announced that she will be coordinating an internal conference on emergency preparedness on October 23rd in Newcomb Hall.  At the conference, the Continuity of Operations Plan will be outlined for departments and schools here at the University.  She also stated that September is Emergency Preparedness month.  Lastly, she introduced a new program that challenges the 1st year class to be aware of emergency preparedness measures - Hoos' Ready!  All University students, faculty and staff can participate in the program.        

IV. New Business:  None

V.  Old Business:  None

VI.  Committee Reports:  None

VII. Adjournment:  Johy Betts adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled on September 18, 2008 at 10:00 am.  David Neuman, UVA Architect, will be the guest speaker.  Careen Waterman will also attend next month's meeting to announce the CVC Campaign.