Council Minutes

Date:  June 19, 2008

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Johy Betts, Lolita Bland, Nancy Kriigel, June Wade, Lynn McCutcheon, Ruth Dudley, Mike Wilson, Della Marsh, Rosemary Knight, Tina Pendleton-Fuller, and Terry Bennett

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Johy Betts.

II. Reports:

Provost Office -John Teahan announced that various Dean positions have been filled. The new Vice President and Dean of the School of Medicine, is Steven T. DeKosky, MD, and Dean of the School of Nursing, is Dorrie K. Fontaine. In addition the Vice President for Research, is Thomas Skalak. They will start on August 1.  The Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, Meredith Jung-En Woo, began June 1.

III. Guest Speaker: Becca White, Director of UVa Parking and Transportation.

Becca took council representatives on a tour of the Parking and Transportation website, www.virginia.edu/parking/, to highlight new additions to their services.  She drew attention to the Transportation Demand Management section of the website where you can find more information on ridesharing, biking, walking and public transit routes catering to UVa employees.  Becca announced that a carpool/vanpool incentive program will be rolled out late July, early August.  Potentially, there will be quarterly drawings ($50 value) and yearly drawings ($1000 value) and employees involved in vanpools could be rewarded with a designated parking space.    Becca also pointed out new website tools that help you track buses on your route and the online account manager where you can renew your parking permit and pay citations.  As part of the HoosWhere GPS bus finder service, cell phone users can call a toll-free number and enter the bus stop code to hear which route lines will be arriving to that particular stop and when.  She also explained to council that touch screens at 20 of the most popular bus stops also help you plan your route more time-efficiently.  Other parking and transportation events include the 11th street garage that will open shortly.  Tom Harkins will call for applications for spaces within the next two or three weeks.  Becca mentioned that her department will purchase low-floor buses for each bus that needs to be replaced.  The low-floor buses enable riders with physical limitations to utilize transit services by making entry and exit easier.  Intercept lots were discussed.  P&T is referencing employee population density measures; there are a large number of employees living in the north region (Ruckersville area) and also employees living in the North Garden/Lake Monticello area, to strategically place an outlying parking lot and then service that lot to have employees bused into the university.        

IV. New Business:  Representative, Keith Johnson inquired about a shower in the West Complex for employees to use after exercising during their lunch break.

V.  Old Business:  Council representative, Lolita Bland, confirmed for us at the last University of Virginia Credit Union Board meeting that they are ready and willing to place an ATM in the West Complex.  Johy Betts will pursue the request with the medical center to see if this can happen.  

VI.  Committee Reports:  None

VII.  Adjournment:  Johy Betts adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled on July 17, 2008 at 10:00am.