Health System Academic & Research Employee Council Minutes

Date:  February 21, 2008

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Johy Betts, Della Marsh, Keith Johnson, Kathleen Foster, Mary-Leigh Thacker, Nancy Kriigel, June Wade, Lynn McCutheon, Sandy Saxe, David Smith, Beth Reinhard, John Teahan, Mike Wilson, Jennifer Roff, Adrienne Granitz, Ruth Dudley, Nell Harlow, Leslie Yowell, Christina Melton, Tina Pendleton-Fuller.

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Johy Betts.

II. Reports:

University Human Resources - Beth Reinhard reported on the upcoming UVA trips.  Honolulu, Hawaii trip scheduled on September 21-28, 2008 (cost $1,299) (optional outer island extensions through October 1=$599) and Paris trip is scheduled on November 2-9, 2008 (cost $1,199) (optional extension to London through November 12= $699).

Provost Office -John Teahan reported that there are several dean searches going on.

III. Guest Speakers

Susan Carkeek, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer and Darrell Kozuch, Director, University Payroll

Susan and Darrell addressed UVa's plan to switch over to a bi-weekly payroll for all employees in April 2009. Faculty will not be included in this switch.  Both the benefits and concerns of this switch were discussed.

For Human Resources some of the benefits include:

(1) Cost efficient by decreasing the number of different payrolls in HR.

(2) As part of this change to bi-weekly payroll, employees will become responsible for entering their own time through a self-service on-line system making it more automated. This will cut down on paper and the responsibilities of the timekeeper.

(3) Less time needed for corrections since employees will enter time after they work.

Some concerns were:

(1) Ten out of twelve months, total payment to employees will be less than on the current system but in May and November employees will receive three checks instead of two to equal it out. For employees who are currently paid once a month they are concerned about having to adjust their bill payments to the new system and how the adjustment will be hard. Human Resources plans to help with this concern by making available financial advisors to employees to help get some advice on how to deal with this change. HR is also working with local banks and some other major banks to see how they can help with the automatic withdrawals for a bi-weekly payroll.

(2) There was some concern about the possibility of supervisors not being present to approve their time on-line but the solution would be to have backup approvers and also the self-service system will be available on the web so it can be accessed from any computer.

There will be more information coming out as time gets closer in regards to the payroll switch. However, if you have any immediate questions you can contact UVa Payroll.

James (Jim) Traub - HR Restructuring Update

Mr. Traub reported that the task force s for the New Human Resources System kicked off on January 29, 2008.  There are 20 task forces, about 250 people serving on the task forces which several are from employee councils.  Task forces are working in several areas of such as performance; compensation; employment; leave and benefits; A&P faculty, defining career paths, etc.  Their report is due at the end of March 2008.  Mr. Traub's office met with Virginia Tech and William and Mary Universities this past week to get some idea how they are coming on their restructuring process.  Results of the task forces will be available for public comments in May and June 2008 and in July 2008, his office will review the comments.  The final product should be available in August 2008 and the enrollment period will be the last three months of the 2008.  HR plans to have information to supervisors between August-October 2008.  Most supervisors will be managing two types of employees (Classified staff and University staff).  Current pay bands will probably not be used in new system.  Visit website at http://www.hrs.virginia.edu/restructuring/ for additional information.

IV. New Business:  There is a need for an A&T Credit Union machine in the old hospital.

V.  Old Business:  None

VI. Committee Reports:  None

VII. Adjournment:  Johy Betts adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled on March 20, 2008 at 10:00am.