Meeting Minutes

Date:  April 19, 2007

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Terry Bennett; Lynn McCutcheon; Ruth Dudley; Keith Johnson; Della Marsh; Rose Herndon; Rosemary Knight; Jennifer Roff; Sandy Saxe; June Wade; Mike Wilson; Leslie Yowell

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Terry Bennett. She expressed her sorrow for those that were affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy.

II. Reports:

Employee Relations - Brad Holland, Ombudsman for UVA, reported that his office has received good response to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) survey.  One of the main issues so far is hearing issues with the aging workforce.  He will report more when he has the summary.

Provost Office - Anda Webb reported that the replacement Gene Block, Provost, will be announced next week.  Current searches include the provost position and two deans.

III. Guest Speaker: David J. Neuman, FAIA, Architect for the University

Mr. Neuman gave a presentation on the projects in construction and those in approved design at the University.  Mr. Neuman has been with UVA for 3.5 years and he was a former architect at Stanford University for 12 years where he worked on similar projects.  He explained that there are three enterprises here at UVA:  (1) learning; (2) research; and (3) community service.  UVA is acting more like a private institution since state is only covering about 10% of cost.  UVA doesn't have to go to Richmond to have codes reviewed, etc.  Below is summary of the projects in construction and/or approved design stages.

Name of Project

Construction Start Date

Estimated Finish Date

Rouss Hall Renovation and Addition McIntire School of Commerce

March 2005

February or March 2008

Varsity Hall Move and Renovation

March 2005

December 2007

Carter-Harrison Research Building (MR-6)

March 2006

December 2008

Claude Moore Nursing Education Building

October 2006

April 2008

South Lawn Project - Phase I



Claude Moore Medical Education Building



Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center

Spring 2008

Fall 2010

Hospital Bed Expansion and Infrastructure (Proposed)

Fall 2008

Fall 2011

Health System North Garage (1050+/- cars) (Proposed)

Winter 2006

Spring 2008

  • Process Improvement:  Partner with Facilities Management (FM) to incorporate value management analysis and quality control into design is on-going.  Standardized estimate, cost database and fee negotiation metrics development in process.
  • Environmental Sustainability:  Integrate LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is ‘Green Building' rating system) into design of all major new buildings.  Mr. Neuman stressed that the continued health of UVa employees working in new buildings is very important to the University and so building a "healthy building" in the first place is very important.  LEED certification checklist completed on current projects, Claude Moore Medical Education Building, Claude Moore Nursing Education Building and Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center.  Actual certification commenced for South Lawn Project.
  • Safety and Security Guidelines:  Incorporate proposed security guidelines into facility design guides are in process.  Planned inventory of existing security measures in-place in health system - Spring 2007.  Review of best practices for medical and research facilities - Summer 2007.  Joint work sessions between the Office of the Architect and Facilities Management in process to inventory best environmental design practices in FM Design Guidelines - Winter 2007.
  • NOT closing Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) in South Lawn Project.  There will be two lanes always available.
  • Terrace structure over JPA in Summer 2008 or 2009.
  • The B1 parking lot on JPA will be closed in June 2007.  Parking occupants will be notified in May 2007.  If you have questions, please notify Becca White in Parking and Transportation (924-6763).
  • It is estimated that 13-15 million dollars still needs to be raised for funding the South Lawn Project.
  • Status of Children's Medical Center:  UVA does not have the go ahead to start building yet since money is still being raised and they are looking at program services.
  • McLeod Hall patio will stay.  Landscaping will be done between MR6 and MR5.
  • South Lawn information website will be coming.

New Business:  None

Old Business:  Lolita Bland and Terry Bennett managed the booth at the Faculty/Employee Resource Fair in Newcomb Hall on April 18, 2007.

Meeting minutes from March 15, 2007 meeting were approved and can be accessed on the HSAREC website.

IV. Committee Reports: none