Health System Academic & Research Employee Council

Date:  February 15, 2007                   

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Johy Betts, Mike Wilson, Nell Harlow, Leslie Yowell, Jennifer Roff, Sandy Saxe, Kirsten Frick, Lynn McCutcheon, June Wade, Nancy Kriigel, Vicki Schwab, Della Marsh, Rose Herndon, Keith Johnson, Monique Bragg, Terry Bennett.

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Johy Betts.

II. Reports: Provost Office - Anda Webb was not able to attend the meeting.

Employee Relations - Brad Holland, Ombudsman for UVA, reported that Employee Relations is offering a Cultural Sensitivity Workshop for departments who may have related issues. If your department is interested please contact Employee Relations Office.

Joni Louque, Uva Faculty and Staff Employee Relations Counselor, reported on Restructuring.  This summer, The Center for Survey Research will send a survey regarding benefits to all classified staff, new university employees and faculty who supervise staff.  The survey will also be conducted at William & Mary and Virginia Tech.  All results will be reported to the State. 

The next Faculty/Employee Resource Fair will be held on April 18, 2007 in Newcomb Hall from 2:00 to 4:30 pm. 

Service Awards will be held for those with 10, 15 and 20 years of service on May 22 at the Omni.  An evening engagement on June 12 at the Omni will honor those with service of 25 years and over.

Alex Rebhorn has been named the new UHR Communications Coordinator working directly with Susan Carkeek. 

III. Guest Speaker: Bill Vining, Former Director of Employee Relations.

Bill started the meeting by discussing UVA's travel program that is offered to all UVA employees. The UVA travel program consists of a travel committee that gets together and plans the destinations and how to get the word out to employees about this benefit. The committee consists of active employees, retired administrators and retired and active faculty. The next trip is planned for Innsbruck, Austria in the fall of 2007. This is the location where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. Scotland in spring of 2008, Hawaii in fall of 2008 and Croatia in spring of 2009 are some of the trips that are being planned for the future. The trips are offered at a reasonable price and include your round-trip airfare, hotel, breakfast and transportation to and from the hotel. Guided side tours are also offered for some trips at an extra cost. Bill also mentioned that employees can pay for these trips via payroll deduction through UVA Community Credit Union.  To find out more information on scheduled trips and for a registration form you can log onto www.traveltci.com/uvadocs.html.  

IV. New Business: The new hire list for departments is now available electronically. Johy will be e-mailing out the list to the representatives so they can find out who the new employee(s) are in their areas. This will allow the Employee Council representative to introduce themselves to the new employee(s) and inform them about Employee Council.

V. Old Business: Representatives discussed treacherous conditions for pedestrians and motorists at South Garage, Scott Stadium and the Jordan Hall bus stop.

Again, Representatives mentioned that the buses are not waiting an adequate amount of time to allow employees to embark.  Representatives proposed that P&T should mandate a standard wait time for bus drivers to observe at each bus stop. 

Several vandalisms have been reported at the School of Nursing.  Employees are reminded to lock up personal items.  Johy will ask Becky Campbell from UVA Police to send representatives the Contents of Wallet form she presented to council in December.

Meeting minutes from December and January meetings were approved and can be accessed on the HSAREC website.

VI. Committee Reports: none

VII. Adjournment:  Johy Betts adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 15, 2007.