HSAREC Minutes

Date:  December 14, 2006                 

Time:  10:00 am

Place:  McKim Hall, VP Conference Room 3001

Representatives in Attendance:  Johy Betts, Anda Webb (ex-officio), Della Marsh, Vicki Schwab, Angie McRay, June Wade, Nancy Kriigel, David Smith, Nell Harlow, Rose Herndon, Mike Wilson, Jennifer Roff, and Terry Bennett.

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Johy Betts.

II. Reports: Provost Office - Anda Webb announced that she is a member of the pandemic flu council. Anda also addressed the social security "breech" that hit the Daily Progress this morning. The CIO, James Hilton, and ITC have already taken considerable action to remove social security numbers from student records, such as the Toolkit.

Employee Relations - A mediation specialist from the Curry School is involved in handling cultural issues around campus.

III. Guest Speaker: Becky Campbell from the UVA Police Department

Becky came to educate and discuss ways to protect individual credit and also offered personal and property safety tips.  She reminded us to check our credit reports with all three agencies because the damage of identity theft carries 8 - 10 years.  Becky gave us each a document to record the items within our wallets that could be particularly useful if our wallet is lost or stolen.  She shared information on a self defense class (R.A.D.) that is held in Sponsor's Hall.  The class is offered 3 times a week for 4 weeks and costs $25.  You receive a workbook and upon completion of the class, you are invited to attend a free refresher when you feel the need to do so.          

IV. New Business: The new Chief Human Resources Officer, Susan Carkeek, will be visiting council during January's meeting.

V. Old Business: None.

VI. Committee Reports: None.

VII. Adjournment:  Johy Betts adjourned the meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2007.