Health System Academic & Research Employee Council
Meeting Minutes 
July 20, 2006

Johy called the meeting to order.  Today's guest speakers included Ruby Curnish from Health System Support and Sally LeBeau from the Medical Center Guest Relations Office.  There were numerous questions forwarded to Johy prior to the meeting.  Ruby answered all of the questions posed that related to her department.  To highlight the areas discussed:

•  Buses not stopping to pick up U-Hall parkers - UVA employees are asked to report the bus number and time frame in which the transgression occurred by emailing RHR@virginia.edu

•  Reduced rates for part time employees - new north deck garage to be constructed by June 2008 at the 1222 JPA Building (Blake Center).  A survey will be sent out to determine demand.

•  Parking space renewal form mailing fiasco - outsourced vendor software problem; forms were held for administration.  Future mailings should run on time.   

•  Statistics on vandalism and assaults at various parking lot locations - visit www.virginia.edu/uvapolice/reports.htm

•  Private clinics patient parking; accessing clinics safely - three persons staffed the outside Barringer/Outpatient Clinics West wings.  Valet parking is available at the West Complex.  UVA employees can apply to Parking and Transportation for special parking permits due to mobility issues and medical needs.

Other parking related questions/suggestions were noted and requests were sent to Becca White (not present for the meeting) for follow-up.

Due to the lengthy nature of the parking questions and discussion, there was no other business discussed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Representatives in attendance:
Johy Betts                             June Wade
Nell Harlow                            Christine Palazzolo
Keith Johnson                        Tammy Snow
Ruth Dudley                           Rosemary Knight
Vicki Schwab                          Mary Leigh Thacker
Jennifer Roff                           Sandy Saxe
Terry Bennett                         Lolita Bland