Health System Academic & Research Employee Council
Meeting Minutes
June, 15 2006

Johy called the meeting to order and asked guest speaker, Eric Denby, Director of Procurement Services, to talk with us regarding DMBE/SWAM.  The Procurement Office wants to assist us as much as possible in order to help them meet their goals of increasing work orders from the DMBE/SWAM categories.  Eric outlined several specific activities purchasers need to perform when securing products through vendors.  He stressed the need to obtain at least one minority owned business quote and how to record our efforts in Oracle's Limited Purchase Order system.  UVA's construction and research needs are the major contributors to the increase in DMBE/SWAM vendor use.  If we encounter difficulties from vendors, please contact Eric directly.  The Procurement Office is looking into contracting with Concerto (Office Max).  Another addition to our purchasing system includes UVA Marketplace which is due out in December.  This is an online ordering mechanism that includes 50 or more catalogs from various vendors.  This system would be a seamless layer within Oracle. 

Darlene Scott Scurry, Director of Equal Opportunity Programs, made an announcement that there will be Discriminatory Harassment training online for faculty, staff and students.  Human Resources website will have it posted by the end of the month. 

Chris Loss from the Provost Office noted that the budget was awaiting approval.

Johy asked council members to email her with any parking questions in preparation for July's meeting with Ruby Curnish, Sally LeBeau and Becca White.      

April's meeting minutes were approved.

The meeting was adjourned.

Representatives in attendance:
Johy Betts                                 Rose Herndon
Terry Bennett                             Della Marsh
Rosemary Knight                         Tammy Snow
Nancy Kriigel                              Vicki Schwab
Jacquelyn Farrell                         Keith Johnson
Jennifer Roff                               Ruth Dudley