Health System Academic & Research Employee Council
Meeting Minutes
May 18, 2006

Johy called the meeting to order and introduced Brenda Wilson with the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP).  She discussed how the program began and the services it provides to employees and their significant others.  The program originally began in the Medical Center and now serves all of the University and 26 outside companies.  The FEAP program helps employers with maintaining employee productivity by providing employees resources to deal with personal and/or workplace difficulties.  The FEAP staff is licensed mental health providers who deliver appropriate aid to employees.  They offer objective perspective in dealing with issues and they also can connect employees to additional resources ($30 co-pay for visits to referred providers).  All services provided are completely confidential.  Parking is free at their office in the Blake Center.  They do provide lunchtime seminars on a variety of topics to include ElderCare and long term insurance and if you are interested in learning more about the seminars or the FEAP program, please contact Brenda Wilson, 

Chris Loss from the Provost Office reported that there will be a new offer letter drafted for departmental use for improved consistency in recruitment procedures.  He also mentioned that there is a study underway through the Darden School that will track the fee structure on parking and results will be accessed next spring.

Representative Terry Bennett asked council if they knew of any alternate routes for folks who use the paved sidewalk from the South Garage to Lane Road since it has been closed due to the construction of the MR-6 building.  Council indicated that the covered walkway from the Nursing School (McLeod Hall) to MR-5 could be utilized so that pedestrians are at least covered as they walk into the Health System.

Johy opened the floor to council for any nominations for Employee Council Chair. Johy was nominated to stay on as Chair and Terry Bennett was nominated to Co-Chair.  Della Marsh was nominated as Secretary.

In regards to future meetings, Johy suggested that council members submit to her, one guest speaker suggestion.  Lolita Bland suggested having David Neuman, Architect for the University, visit with council.  Guest speaker, Eric Denby, Director of Procurement Services, will visit the council in June.  The parking triumvirate Ruby Curnish, Becca White and Sally LeBeau will speak at July's meeting.

The March meeting minutes were approved.

The meeting was adjourned.

Representatives in attendance:

Johy Betts                                Christine Palazzolo
Lisa Durrer                               Terry Bennett
Rosemary Knight                      Della Marsh
Kirsten Frick                            Lynn McCutcheon
David Smith                              Vicki Schwab
Chris Loss                                Nancy Kriigel
Mike Wilson                             Tammy Snow  
Nell Harlow                              Erika Whitten  
Keith Johnson                           Lolita Bland