Health System Academic & Research Employee Council
Meeting Minutes  April 2006                   

Johy called the meeting to order and asked Chris Loss from the Provost Office for any new information and updates.  Chris reported that the demonstrators in support of the living wage were arrested and taken from Madison Hall.  He also informed council that the Cavalier Daily printed President Casteen's full page letter addressing the living wage issue.

Jackie Cooke with Faculty & Staff Employee Relations (in for Alan Cohn) announced the Resource Fair for the fall.   Outstanding Contributor awards will be announced in 1 ½ weeks.  Award ceremonies will take place on May 23 at 1:30 pm in Cabell Hall for those employees with 10, 15 or 20 years of service and on June 14 at 5:30 pm for those employees with 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service.  The sponsored trip this fall is to Ireland on November 6 through 13.  The spring trip is still in the works.  New employees hired after July 1, 2006 will come under the Restructuring Plan.  All new employees are paid every 2 weeks (1st & 16th). An existing employee who is paid monthly does not have the option to switch to semi monthly.  There is no new sign up for those employees who are wishing to convert from the old sick leave plan to the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program. Additionally, a council representative had a question on short term disability regarding using disability credits versus accrued annual compensation time to bring pay up to 100%. 

Johy mentioned that Ruby Curnish addressed some of the parking issues we have.  Parking and Transportation will be reviewing the hospital drive parking arrangements mid-summer to see about optimizing patient safety to and fro the Private Clinic wings.  Johy will contact Patient Access for interim help in transporting patients to and from their vehicles.  The parking spaces in the South Garage are allocated by a priority list.  Parking rates are determined by many variables such as deck repairs, snow removal, etc.  Also, the health system will research other colleges to see what they do with their bike racks.  Bicyclists are asked to call University Police and Ruby's direct line to report a stolen bicycle or vandalism.  Lastly, Johy asks council to have any questions about parking sent to her before the July meeting as there are plans in the works to have Ruby Curnish, Becca White and Sally LeBeau come speak to the council in regards to parking at the University and Health System.

Johy asked us to review our By-Laws to discuss/revise during our May meeting. Council elections will also be held in May.  Johy would stand as Chair if no one else is nominated and a Co-Chair is needed. 

A big thank you goes out to Lolita Bland and Terry Bennett who manned the Employee Council booth at the Employee Resource Fair. 

The February Meeting Minutes were approved.

Mary Lee from the Benefits Committee will be visiting with us during May's meeting. 

Representatives in attendance:
Johy Betts                              Jackie Cooke
Kathleen Foster                     Terry Bennett
June Wade                             Rosemary Knight
Kirsten Frick                           Lynn McCutcheon
David Smith                            Vicki Schwab
Jennifer Roff                           Chris Loss
Mike Wilson                            Sandy Saxe
Nell Harlow                              Rose Herndon
Keith Johnson