Health System Academic & Research Employee Council
Meeting Minutes 
February 16, 2006

Johy Betts called the meeting to order.

Our guest speaker, Bill Cooper, needed to cancel his presentation.  Johy will reschedule. She will also look into having Joanne Hayden (E-Phit Program), Nat Scurry (Human Resources), and Brenda Wilson (Long Term Care Program) come speak at our future meetings. 

Johy mentioned her Executive Council Meeting with Alan Cohn in improving attendance and information dissemination to constituents from the employee councils.  Within this context, Johy referenced our by laws which are in need of revision.  She suggested that a representative’s term be extended to four years.  New representatives are “elected” in May and will attend June’s meeting.  She asked us how we became involved with the council and Terry Bennett explained that she was asked by her business manager to represent her department.  Johy mentioned the fact that the Health System Employee Council has an attendance policy where representatives will have to excuse themselves from the council if they have more than two absences without notification within one calendar year.

Tonia Duncan-Rivers, Employee Relations Counselor and NEO Coordinator, represented HR for Alan Cohn.  She informed us about the next Employee Resource Fair which will take place on Tuesday, April 18 from 2:00 – 4:30 pm. in Newcomb Hall.  They will be showcasing a new video to begin at 2:00 that afternoon.  Tonia also mentioned the Day Service Awards Ceremony which will be held in Cabell Hall at 1:30 pm on May 23.  An evening ceremony will also be held on June 14 at the Omni Hotel starting at 5:30 pm. , dinner will be served at 6 p.m.   Information about the Outstanding Contribution Award Program will be sent out within a week or so.  The Rome trip (March 4-11) is now full.  Please call Ruby Weitzell at 1-800-572-4049 to see if there are any cancellations.  The fall trip destination will be Ireland .

In new business, Keith Johnson from Internal Medicine discussed an accident in which a patient’s spouse fell on the steps outside the Outpatient Clinics West Wing (Private Clinics) late in the evening.  This precipitated another discussion on the Private Clinics’ parking lot gradient and physician parking outside the clinics.  Keith suggested the physicians be asked to park in the lot so that patients could park closer to the building to avoid potential falls on the steep hill leading from the Private Clinics parking lot.  He also suggested there be at least one other attendant stationed outside the OCW Wing like there are outside of the Barringer Wing to help folks in and out of the building.  Extended attendant hours were also recommended.   

Kirsten Frick of the GCRC, proposed placing a close-circuit camera to monitor activity by the bike rack outside of Jordan Hall.  Her bicycle was stolen from there (later recovered by the police) and she has talked with others who have had their bicycles stolen from there as well.  She explained that the police station could not help her in terms of her request for a security camera.  Johy will contact folks in the Security Department or UVA’s Police Department for possible solutions.

There was no old business.

In committee reports, Mary Leigh Thacker reviewed the Benefits Meeting she attended.  At the meeting, Brenda Wilson discussed the high costs of long term care and the program available to employees through Aetna .

Terry Bennett will post the attendance list to the meeting minutes.

The meeting minutes from October – January have been approved.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next HSAREC meeting is scheduled for March 16th.

Representatives in attendance:

 Johy Betts  David Smith                                     
 Tonia Duncan-Rivers (for Alan Cohn)  Chris Loss
 Jacquelyn Jarrell  Nancy Kriigel
 Keith Johnson  Mary Leigh Thacker
 Jennifer Roff  Rosemary Knight
 Nell Harlow  June Wade
 Terry Bennett  Della Marsh
 Kristen Frick  Sue Amato