Minutes from the Health System Academic and Research Employee Council meeting on July 15th, 2004

The Employee Council meeting went on as scheduled this 15th day of July. 

The meeting was called to order by Helen Norfleet-Shiflett, council co-chair.

Ed Howell, CEO of Health System was guest speaker. Mr. Howell started the meeting by talking about the School of Medicine and Health System Decade Plan. The Decade Plan brings mission, values and vision to life for the School of Medicine and Health System. To find out more information and details about the plan you can go to


In new business the Provost Office Helen reported Dean Jeannette Lancaster from the School of Nursing and Dean Arthur Garson from the School of Medicine are possible speakers for the fall meetings. This will get us up to date on the Decade Plan. The calendar with the dates and times of future Employee Council meetings will be sent out via e-mail in the near future. Also, it was asked to think about the structure of the Employee Council for next year, should it be run the same or be changed? This and the elections of officers will be discussed at August’s meeting.

In old business it was decided to approve May, June and July’s minutes at the August meeting.

There were no committee reports.

The meeting was adjourned.