Health System & Research Employee Council Meeting minutes from May 20, 2004

The Employee Council meeting went on as scheduled this 20th day of May. 

The meeting was called to order by Helen Norfleet-Shiflett, council co-chair.

Gary Helmuth, Darrell Kozuch, Donna Roach and Lucinda Childs-White all from Human Resources were the guest speakers. Gary started the meeting by talking about the implementation of 11i and answering questions about the recent 2/25/04 change in FICA (Federal Insurance Contribution Act) which is a tax on social security on income earned.   The change involves no FICA being withheld for those students who work and are registered in classes. It is harder to exempt students from FICA. HR is able to make adjustments to payroll if a department has a student where FICA is being withheld. The student has to be set up as student wage to be exempt. If you have a student who should be exempt from FICA and has not been corrected in the system, you can e-mail Darryl Kozuch at Darryl spoke on the running time for payroll in the old 11-03 version of Oracle and the new 11i. In 11-03 it took 12 hours to run leave and in 11i it has been reduced to eight hours. With this improvement HR hopes to get a schedule for system availability that is bearable and might even allow for an extra day in the system for users. Donna commented that with having an extra day it would allow users to process their work in a timely manner. She also encouraged everyone to attend the HR User Group meetings that are held the last Tuesday of the month in Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Room usually at 10:00 am. Donna addressed that Visa problems will not stop pay of an employee. One of the problems stems from the documents and how they are faxed to HR and a lot of times they are not legible, and in this case HR would ask for another copy until they get a copy they can read.

Lucinda Childs-White discussed the new recruitment viewer process in Oracle. Prior to 11i the process to obtain an applicants application from recruitment viewer took an extremely long time to print and involved numerous steps.  Multiple printing of batches and drop down menu with selections are two of the main steps that were taken to improve the recruitment viewer responsibility. HR hopes to have something finalized and accessible to the viewers in the next month.

In new business the Provost Office reported they are in the process of the budget finalization. To access the final budget and law report you can go to

In old business the February and March minutes were approved. Helen gave an update on the executive council meeting with Leonard Sandridge from last week. Leonard discussed the charter status between Uva, Virginia Tech and William and Mary. To find out more details on the charter you can go to Meagan Lowe from the Provost Office made an announcement of three open committee positions. EEO Affirmative Action and the Library Committee need three classified representatives. If you are interested please e-mail Megan at The next Executive Council meeting with Leonard is scheduled for August 20, 2004 and November 18, 2004 for the New Employee Fair.

The meeting was adjourned.