April 22, 2004

The Employee Council meeting went on as scheduled this 22nd day of April. 

 The meeting was called to order by Helen Norfleet-Shiflett, council co-chair.

 Marge Sidebottom, Director of Emergency Preparedness was the guest speaker. Marge started the meeting by talking about last month’s emergency drill that was held with the local fire and rescue departments and the University Hospital. The drill is a series of drills that allows local fire and rescue departments and University Hospital physicians, nurses and staff to work together to test how they operate in an emergency disaster situation. It tests everything from response time, patient care to traffic control on the roads during the drill. The drill involved a tanker truck spilling chemicals near a building where people were meeting. The building caught on fire from the spill and caused people to be trapped and injured inside and contaminated with chemicals. This practiced dealing with fire, injuries, rescuing people and decontamination, allowing a cause and effect reaction to take place, one of the main goals of this disaster drill. Another goal was to experience a “much as possible” normal operation for Uva while handling a disaster situation. The end score was everyone involved from fire, rescue personnel to Uva physicians, nurses and staff performed well. In addition to having annual disaster drills another part of Emergency Preparedness’ role is to make sure Uva and the departments are safe in an emergency situation. Each department or school has their own plan for an emergency and it all links back together with the plan from Emergency Preparedness. There is a template that can be viewed by clicking on the following links: Emergency communications plan and the emergency worksheet.  The above pages identify what you need and or should do to be prepared for an emergency.

 The Provost Office reported they are in the process of wrapping up the budget.

The University of Virginia Employee Travel Opportunities is offering a trip to Switzerland in the fall. To find out more information you can click on http://www.hrs.virginia.edu/travelopp.html.  


In new business there is a correction to be made on last month’s minutes. In the paragraph where it mentions the UVA BIS Adult Degree Program, the degree is a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies and not a Bachelor of Science.  


In old business the March meeting minutes will be up for approval at May’s meeting.


The meeting was adjourned.