Health System Academic and Research Employee Council meeting on August 21, 2003

The meeting was called to order by Sharon Heyka, council co-chair.

Alan Cohn addressed the council.  November is open enrollment for changes to current benefits for all employees.  He encouraged all employees to attend the open enrollment sessions as they are informational as well.  Most employees don’t know this so it was suggested that the title of the seminars be changed to Benefits Information Seminars.  Please e-mail Alan if you have any questions or concerns.  Someone from the benefits office will be attending the October meeting to discuss the changes.

The trips for 2004 have been decided.  March 6-13 will be to Berlin and Dresden.  November will be to Switzerland.    The Paris trip is filling up, if you are interested please contact the travel agency as soon as possible.

Becca White, Director of Parking and Transportation, was the guest speaker.  Parking and Transportation is an auxiliary service which is not supported by state funds.  They are expected to be self sustaining.   Their support is derived from citations, permit fees, student fees, and the parking garages.  The rates for permits used to be set on a yearly basis.  Now they are set for 3 years at a time.  The next increase has been deferred until July 2004.  As Director of P&T she answers to Richard Kovatch, Associate VP for Business Operations.  His director is Yoke San Reynolds, Vice President for Finance.  Jay Levine is the person responsible for parking in the Medical Center. 

Available parking for employees is always an issue.  For the past ten years there have been 15,000 spaces.  The goal is to increase the use of  the transit system and to decrease the demand for more spaces.  They are looking at ways to decrease the number of cars on Grounds.  First year students will not be allowed to have cars second semester.  Use of the free trolley service is being encouraged.  People in van pools and car pools are given priority for available spaces.  You can register your car pool with Ruby Curnish.  A van pool requires 9 people.

She talked about the new projects being undertaken by P&T.  One of these projects is the expansion of the South Garage which they hope to have completed by July 2004.  The Grove Street lot is a rental lot.  They will lose this lot in the next year.  Those people parking there should be moved to the new garage or other parking areas.  They will not lose their permits.  The Ivy Garage should open the end of October.  People with permits for U-Hall parking will move to the new garage for the same rate they are currently paying.  Some of the trees at U-Hall will be removed to create 77 more spaces.  110 spaces for the athletic employees will move to the baseball field.  More will move to Darden and E3.  The buses will reroute to accommodate all of the new parking areas. 

A signal light is being planned for Lane Road.  Options for the routing of Jefferson Park Avenue during the construction of Old Cabell Hall are being considered.  This construction should begin in the fall of 2005 for two years.  There will be 350 underground spaces and 75 above ground spaces when the building is completed.

The buses are maintained daily.  Each driver has a trouble sheet that is checked every three hours while the bus is in service.  Back doors on many of the buses are a problem.  They will try and use the buses with functioning backdoors on the hospital routes.  It was suggested that an extra shuttle to the stadium from 6:30 am – 8 am and 3:30 pm – 5 pm would be helpful and would decrease the overcrowding on the buses.  Each driver is supposed to count the passengers at each stop.  There will be new GPS units installed that will track the number of passengers and time of day and the stops.  If you have a problem with a particular driver you need to have the route, time of day and the bus number so that P&T can address this with the appropriate driver.  The speed limit for on grounds is 15 mph. 

Becca will also send us copies of the Parking and Transportation Committee meeting minutes. 

Anda Webb reported that 3 new vice provosts have been appointed.  They are Milton Adams, Gertrude Frazier and Lee Grossman.  The provost’s office also has an opening for a classified support position (Admin III).

The new co-chairs were voted into office for the coming years.  They are Helen Norfleet-Shifflett, Johy Podraza and Jim Stork. 

Lolita Bland had a change in the July minutes.  They were approved as amended.

The meeting was adjourned.