Health System Academic and Research Employee Council meeting on July 17, 2003

Sharon Heyka, Co-Chair called the meeting to order.  The minutes from the June meeting were distributed and approved.

Constance Warnock from the University Architect’s office did a presentation on the current and future building plans for the University and the Health System.  The architect’s office has a web site where people can search for the project they are interested in reviewing.  The site offers a map of the grounds and by clicking on certain areas it will open up a larger map showing the building plans and other information.  There are a number of projects currently under way including the extension to the hospital.  Another current project is the increase in the size of the chilling plant for the health system buildings.  MR6 is on the drawing board.  The South garage is also due for an extension in the future.

Anda Webb had nothing to report. 

Jane Adair, chair of the nominating committee reported that they had only one person who had expressed interest in the co-chair’s position.  Sharon requested an extension on the elections until the August meeting so that we could pursue other candidates.

There were no committee reports, or old or new business.  The meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  Left out of last month’s minutes.  Lolita Bland’s email address for suggestions of families for this Christmas is:  llb3n@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu.  Please let her know if you have anyone you would like to include in this year’s holiday giving.

Mary Jane Gore from the Link will be attending our meetings and we would like to welcome her.  Her email address is:  mjgore@virginia.edu.  The Link will have a new look and direction.