Health System Academic & Research Employee Council meeting on June 19, 2003


Sharon Heyka, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order.  The minutes for May meeting were distributed and approved. There was no formal speaker today.  Sharon actually wanted to do a wrap up meeting of items that has been discussed at previous meetings.

Dr. Garson had spoken with the Committee last month on his “Decade Plan”.   Everyone is very impressed with his presentation. 

Anda Webb, Provost Office: There was no new news.  The Provost Employee Council had invited Becca White last week to talk and found it very informative.   

With all the additional construction around the area, it was recommended that we invite both Becca from Parking and Transportation and an architect address our Council.   Lolita Bland has voluntarily agreed to be in charge of obtaining names of families that the Council can help during the Christmas Holidays.

July is the month in which we elect new officers.  Jane Adair is the Chair of the Nominating Committee with assistants June Wade and Nancy Kriigel.

New officers will take office in August 2003.

There was neither new business nor old business, therefore the meeting was adjourned.