HSAREC meeting minutes from

MAY 21, 2003

The Health System Academic and Research Employee Council held a joint meeting with the Research Administrators Group on May 21, 2003.  Dean Garson was the guest speaker.  He presented his Decade Plan to the attendees. 


The plan is to unite the common goals and interests of the Medical Center, School of Medicine, School of  Nursing and HSF in a team concept for all areas.


His take home message was “Models for all of U.S.”  Some of the areas that will be looked at over the next few years will be a web based school curriculum; improvement of human health; recruitment and retention; open communication, transparency and accountability.   They are also looking at patient services, i.e. appointment times, ideal would be to be seen in two weeks; translational research bench to bedside and back to bench; professional teaching models for promotion; and community service that includes things other than health care.


If we are to achieve top status in 2012 we will need to begin working in this plan now.  We are ranked by reputation and NIH funding.  We will need to double our NIH funding in order to improve our ranking in the top 20.  We do not have the research space available to do this now.  We will need to begin work on the MR6 building.  Other possibilities are to us the North Fork Research Park as well as Fontaine.  We also need to enhance our reputation.   We should concentrate our efforts on 10-15 things that we can do extremely well and become known for these areas.  They are looking at 11 areas of interest including the Cancer Center.  They also want to recruit 50 new people and retain our current research faculty. 


Education is also a high priority.  Changes may be coming in the medical school curriculum.  One of the suggestions was a fourth year class that would concentrate back on the basic anatomy of organ systems based on the specialty the student has chosen.  There is also the possibility of a new education building with more up to date cyber classrooms. 


The committees for the various areas of interest have been established and are currently working on these issues.  Comments and questions are welcomed.