Health System Academic & Research Employee Council on March 20, 2003


Sharon Heyka, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order.  The minutes for February were distributed and there was one correction.  UVA Dentistry will participate with United Concordia Insurance.  With the correction, the minutes were approved as read.


A list of proposed trips was also distributed.  The trips were Baseball in Baltimore, Riverside Dinner Theatre and shopping and in Fredericksburg, Smithsonian Zoo and Wolftrap Garrison Keillor Prairie Home Companion with shopping.  For those there are interested should contact Mary Leigh Thacker by March 21 AM.


Sharon reported on the Executive Committee Meeting with Mr. Leonard Sandridge this past week.  He reported on the new members to the BOV.  The veto session for the budget is April 2nd.  A proposal of 2.5% increase for Uva employees and Medical Center is looking at raises for their employees or a 1% bonus.  Mr. Sandridge explained that even through there is a cap in the tuition increase; it will not affect the University that much.  We will be able to keep the $385. surcharge that is already in place. The bond rating for UVA has gone to AAA, which is unheard of for Universities.  Texas University is the only other University in the United States that has an AAA bond rating.  The e-mails that were received about the State Health Plan Insurance will not affect this University.  Southern Health covers the University.  Mr. Sandridge stated that there have been a lot of questions about the University has becoming private.  That is not even considered in the works. 


May 8th is an Employee Health Day in Newcomb Hall.   Employees can go to learn about nutrition, exercise and other health related issues.  Student Affairs and Employee Council are sponsoring this event.  They will also have door prizes, which local vendors have donated.


Gene Block, Guest Speaker: Uva VP and Provost. As Chief Academic Officer he is responsible for the University’s 10 academic schools; Alderman and other Libraries, works with the Educational Policy Committee of the BOV, works closely with the VP for research and graduate studies.  The Provost fits between the President, Executive VP and then the Provost. .  All Deans report to Mr. Block for their academic mission, not the clinical side.  The clinical side is reported to Mr. Sandridge.  The Provost is responsible for research for the University.   Mr. Block reported on some advanced technology being initiated by our Medical Students.  Regenerative medicine as opposed to prosthetic devices.  Mr. Block discussed a real concern in that the Vivarium may be moved to a Central Vivarium in the future.  He also has a concern about the unlocked buildings around the University.  The new cross walk across Emmett Street is a real asset to the University.


Anda Webb, Provost Office: The budget cut for the next two years is $98million.  The Medical School has not been affected as much as the academic side. 


There was neither new business nor old business, therefore the meeting was adjourned.