Nancy Rivers, Director for State Government Relations was the guest speaker.  The current legislative session will adjourn on Saturday, February 8 and will reconvene on April 2.  This will give the Governor time to respond to the recommendations and bills passed during this session.  On April 2 the legislature will respond to the Governor’s actions.


A 2.25% salary increase for state employees is being considered.  Even is this passes it could be rescinded based on the state’s economic status. 


A 5-9% cap on tuition increases has been proposed.  UVA will be allowed to keep the surcharge from this semester and will annualize the cost.


UVA did not receive all of the health care cost increases that were requested.


More information on all of the actions from this session is available on the Government Relations web site.  Many of the proposed bills for this session failed due to the state of the economy.  The proposed bill that would allow employees to receive retirement credit for year’s when there are no salary increases failed.


The term of the UVA Rector has been changed from 4 years to 2 years.  A new position of Vice Rector has been added with a 2 year term.  This person will then assume the Rector’s job so that there will be continuity on the Board.


Minutes from the Benefits Committee were handed out.  UVA Dentistry is not participating with United Concordia Health Plan.  Questions were raised about the removal of all non-sedating antihistamines from the UVA health plan.  Tom Gausvik explained the economic reasons for this move.  They will reassess this for the 2004 plan year.


Tom Gausvik brought a list of resources that employees can use to maintain better health which would in the long run lower health care costs to UVA.  They will publish a link to this list at a later time.


The minutes from December and January were approved as submitted.  The meeting was adjourned.


Gene Block, Provost will be the guest speaker at the next meeting on Thursday, March 20.