Health System Academic & Research Employee Council

January 16, 2003


Sharon Heyka, Co-Chair, called the meeting to order.  Sharon thanked everyone for their participation in sponsorship of the families for the Holidays. The amount of money collected was around $550.00.


Brad Holland, Guest Speaker:   Uva Ombudsman, an advocate for fairness. Mr. Holland came to the University in 1996 and quickly found himself to be Co-Director of the EOP. The Ombudsman is an independent confidential resource available to assist faculty, staff and students in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts, and other issues when normal processes and procedures have not worked satisfactorily. Mr. Holland shared with us some examples in which his program can benefit an employee.  He has found that communication is the largest degree of conflict.  He feels that we are not training employees as well as they should be prior to starting a position.  Tenure does not give someone the authority to act out.


ADA (American Disabilities Act) has become a large issue.  A lot of the older buildings within the University are not equipped for persons with disabilities.  Mr. Holland should be contacted if that is an issue in reference to hiring an employee, etc.


Mr. Holland works with all Departments throughout the University.  His office is located in the EOP office in the West Range.  His phone number is 4-3200. 


Anda Webb, Provost Office: Their office is beginning to cut budgets.  The General Assembly is in session – "there is no new money".  There are approximately 2500 new bills proposed.  Most of the bills proposed do not involve money.  One example is: to abolish tenure, educational benefits. Proposals for tuition and fees are due January 24th, 2003.  Revenue budgets are due February 28th 2003. The expenditure budgets are due March, 2003. The targets have not been run.  Question was raised as to whether there was a proposed packet for early retirement.  There will be no early retirement packet offered to classified employees.  This proposal has to be generated by the General Assembly, the University cannot offer this.  There is a proposal for early separation for faculty.


Alan Cohn, Employee Relations: The new dental plan benefits were mailed in January.   Apparently there has been a controversy about the new dental plan.  No information was sent with the new cards as to how much co-pay is required and which dentists participate in the new plan covered under United Concordia.  At present, Uva Dentistry is still under negotiation. 


Old Business:  Apparently 800 employees converted to the VSDB and new leave changes will show on your February 1, 2003.  


New Business: No new business.


The minutes were not approved for December, 2002 as Sharon inadvertently left them in her office and the meeting was then adjourned.