Meeting Minutes from the

Health System Academic and Research Employee Council meeting July 18, 2002 

With 15 of the Council representatives present, the meeting was called to order, and official Council proceedings commenced.

The first speaker of the day was Anda Webb who made a brief presentation on the current activities of the Provost’s Office.  All were excited to hear that human resources in the various schools were in the process of entering the bonuses in the payroll system.  Instruction will be forthcoming to all departments regarding the bonuses.  Anda stated that Mr. Bill Vining’s position had been posted and the process started to find his replacement.  While we did not have someone from HR with us today, Tom Gausvik’s office would be contacted to determine who would be attending our meetings.  A reference to the recent Provost Communication Council meeting led to the meeting’s second speaker.


Former Chair Mary-Leigh Thacker presented an overview of the July 10th Provost meeting by reading a list of discussion items from this meeting,  The complete list will be made available to me and I will distribute that information to you.  Issues ranging from petitioning the State Legislature on behalf of the state employees to get raises, the never-ending debate over parking, requests for employee discounts for UVA and other area summer camps for children, to questions about enhanced severance packages for departing employees.  One item most interesting was a request for a Free Speech Zone.  This zone was discussed by Gene Block following a question relating to other institutions that have such an area where ideas can be discussed in an uninhibited format.  Fortunately for us, Kanish Adkins, from EOP, was present and was able to lend to the discussion.  Simply put, we do not have such a space at UVA because all are allowed to present their ideas as long as it does not impede the work of the employee or their co-workers, and is not intended to incite a riot.  Look for the complete answer in the upcoming memo.  Thanks to Mary-Leigh for attending the meeting and making the presentation to the group.


This being the July meeting for the Council meant that the election of new officers for the upcoming year was to take place.  The Nominating Committee was formed as noted in the previous minutes.  The Committee representative was Jim Stork from Comprehensive Medicine. Following a thorough search of the current representatives, three nominations were made for the officers for next year.  The names were:  Jean Snoddy from the Dean’s Office, Sharon Heyka from the Neurosciences Center, and Pat Harlow from the Department of Surgery.  Unfortunately, none of the candidates were present at today’s meeting. Following the announcement of the candidates, the group was polled to see if there were any additional nominations for the offices.  With none being offered, it was then asked if there were any comments regarding the candidates; and none were offered.  The Bylaws stated that the election will be done via silent ballet.  With an equal number of candidates and positions available, it was determined that the nominations would be put forth as the officers if no one presented objected.  With no objection being voiced, the officers for next year were duly appointed.  The Chair will contact them and aide them in the transition.



With no further items for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be held on August 15th at 10:00.