Employee Council Meeting Minutes from May 16th, 2002

Attendees:  Monte Parsons, Terry Moore, Kathleen Foster,  Mary Leigh Thacker, Nancy Kriigel, David Smith, Charlene Wilhaus, Brenda Carter, Pat Harlow, June Wade, Annette Norton, Linda Swartz, Bonnie Martin, Jennifer Rolf, Jim Stork, Della Marsh, Leigh Ann Bush, Bill Vining, Anda Webb.

Meeting opened at 10:05 a.m. by Monte Parsons, Co-Chair

Bill Vining announced the Compensation bonus plan was approved.

Jonette Aughenbaugh  from Human Resources was the guest speaker. She answered questions regarding the memo sent by Tom Gausvik on the state bonus.  In order to receive the bonus, you must have a rating of contributor or extraordinary on your last performance evaluation.

The elections were as follows:

  • 2.5% cash bonus.
  • 10 days of leave that must be within the next fiscal year
  • Split between a 1.25% cash bonus and 5 days of leave.

Part time employees will be pro-rated.

For more information, you may call Jonette at 924-4747 or access the HR website on the UVA Homepage click on the icon “bonus info.” You may obtain the election form that must be turned in to your supervisor by May 24, 2002.

Questions about the bonus:  Can you defer cash into your 403 and 457 plans? Yes, you must call benefits and fill out a new salary reduction agreement pertaining to the bonus. After the bonus, you must fill out another salary reduction agreement to return to the original levels.

Faculty members will also be eligible to receive the cash bonus as well. No leave time will be granted and their bonus will be on a scale average from 1.25% - 2.5%. (Provost announcement to go out to the faculty on May 17, 2002.

Tax rate on bonus—appropriate IRS rate will be applied, same as your regular tax rate as it will be included in your September 1, 2002 paycheck.

209 Employee Guidelines—Medical Center announcement will be coming out.

207 Employees will receive their bonus and will be administered as stated above.

Election form---it is the employee’s responsibility to fill out the form and turn it in.


Bill Vining was the next person to address the council.

VRS has approved open enrollment this Fall (Oct., Nov., Dec.) for the Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan (VSDP).  An extended care plan has been added to the program along with the short term and long term disability. You may sign a waiver form if you do not want to be moved to the VSDP.  If you do not sign the waiver, you will automatically be enrolled in this plan as of January 1, 2003.  This is a valuable benefit.  The current sick leave that has been accrued in the old plan can either be converted into VRS benefits or it will be banked for use in the disability plan or it will be paid to you when you terminate your employment with UVA (same $5000 limit that exists currently).  Pre-existing conditions will not be denied.

There will be no affect on annual leave. You will receive a mailing late summer/early fall for your election of enrollment and the benefit will begin in January 2003.

Service awards:

10, 15, and 20  years of service awards will be recognized Tuesday, May 21, 2002 at 1:30p.m. at Cabell Hall. It is open to all who would like to attend and show your support.  There will be a reception on the lawn (weather permiting).  The 25-50 year awards will be held on June 13, 2002 by invitation only at the Omni Hotel.  There is one 50 year employee and several 45 year employees. There are 10 winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award. (See the Link or Inside UVA for employee names).

The State has granted July 5th as a holiday this year..

Fall group trip – Please get your deposits in as soon as possible.

Spring break trip is being planned to Copenhagen and the Scandinavian Countries.  There will be a ferry boat to Sweden for the day to Malmo City and several ports to Germany. Fliers will be out soon.

More Questions and Answers:

Policy on Dress and Fragrances through the school of medicine—the discretion is up to each individual department.

Prescriptions – complaint that employees pay too much when pertaining to claims or co-pay issues. For your Health Plan questions, contact Ann Goodson- Benefits office at 924-4346. There were no changes in your plan.  However, a correction of a mistake was made on the co-pay as they were charging a co-pay for 90 days, rather than a 30-day co-pay. Since this has been corrected you feel as if your plan was increased.

Suggestion: You may want to take advantage of your flex-spending or mail-in prescription plan may be less expensive.  You may also check the “drug tier list” on the benefits website to see which tier and dollar amount and if generic drug is available prior to going to fill your prescriptions.

Employee discounts on prescriptions from in house pharmacy---in the past there was a “promotional” discount but it was only for a limited time.  It is a Medical Center Issue.

Anda Webb report:

She reiterated the faculty bonus information with more details. The faculty bonus is merit based on an average of 2.5%. Some will receive more of an increase than others, similar to the salary increase policy.  The only difference is that the 9-month faculty will not receive any leave.  The 12-month faculty can receive a lump sum of leave. The faculty information can be accessed form the HR and Provost websites. The faculty bonus announcement was to go out on May 17, 2002.

Newspaper—the state revenue cuts were printed in our local newspaper.  However, UVA has not been notified where the cuts will actually be.

Graduation weekend May 18 and 19, 2002

3 BIS grads (Bachelor of Institutional Studies) will be graduating and 25 faculty will be marching with them as they are very proud of these employees that have obtained this degree. It’s an inspiration to us all that you can obtain this degree while working.

The university is maintaining its policy of no layoffs.  This is reassuring.  There are teaching faculty assistant openings, as well as other positions at this time.

Old Business:

It has been reported that there is a lot of mud at the shuttle bus stop at Scott Stadium on George Welsh Way.  This has been reported to Facilities and they are to correct this problem with mulch.

New Business:

Terry Moore announced that it is National EMS week --

(National Emergency Medical services Week) May 20 through May 24, 2002. There will be EMS staff available in the emergency department greeting prehospital providers and they will also be distributing gifts. Please stop by and check it out!  Also, Wednesday, May 22, 2002 there will be a reception at 5:30 p.m. at the Albemarle County Office building, 2nd floor lobby at 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville.  Light refreshments will be served. The reception and other EMS week events are sponsored jointly by Albemarle County and the university of Virginia Health System.

Terry Moore is also on a committee for the Development of the Health System Intranet. We are the Employee Web Working Group.  This intranet is an authentication and content categorization known as the  “knowledge-link.”  The intranet will be a resource serving both the Medical Center and Academic audience on Health, Wellness and Family, Employee News and Events and Computing Services/Centers.

Health System Parking Policy Change—Constance Coles sent an email around on May 13, 2002 under CL Announcement—we have reached a point where the number of individual with red permits parking in Scott Stadium has exceeded the space available.  It is therefore necessary to adjust the policy to assure that parking is available for those individuals with red permits when they arrive at Scott Stadium.  This policy applies to temporary permits as well as permanent permits.  Effective June 1, 2002, and until further notice, new applications for red permit parking will only be approved for newly hired employees, and employees changing jobs within the Health System, where responsibilities include direct patient care and other than a standard daylight shift (categories A-C listed below)

Categories Eligible for red Permit Parking

  • Category A       Health Care Providers with Regular Night Shift Rotation.
  • Category B       Chairs; Executive Health System Management; Clinical Faculty.
  • Category C       Evening Shift Health Care Providers.

Applications for red permits will be available in the Health System Parking Office, Room 3161 McKim Hall.  The current application that is used to request reserved parking will be used for this purpose.  All other employees requiring commuter parking may apply for a blue permit for university Hall parking directly with the Department of Parking and Transportation.  The Green Route bus service schedule to and from University hall is listed below:

Green Route Bus Service Schedule to and from University Hall:

            5:58 AM - 6:58 AM                   15-minute service

            6:58 AM – 9:08 AM                  10-minute service

            9:08 AM – 3:30 PM                   15 – minute service

            3:30 PM – 6:40 PM                   10 – minute service

Any employee whose regular schedule will not permit them to use the bus service should contact the health System Parking Office for assistance with their parking arrangements.


Terry Moore will be contacting you for nominations for next year’s co-chairs!

Bring your nominations for officers to the next meeting so we can vote.

At the June meeting we will discuss the nominations and elect them in July.

Nominating committee shall be established to begin deliberations concerning election of council officers for the next fiscal year.

In accordance to Roberts Rules of Order, no current officer of the Council shall serve as a member of the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee shall consist of no more than four members, three from Council and one alternate to the Council, selected by the Council Chair.  Individuals should be notified, prior to the presentation of names at the meeting, to solicit their interest in serving as an officer.  This official notification shall contain the requirements of each office.  The Council Chair shall also solicit nominations from the floor.

At least one month prior to the election of new officers the following will take place:

1.         The chair of the Nominating Committee shall make an announcement of candidates for each office to the council.

2.                   Each candidate shall make a brief statement, if requested, to the membership about how he/she can best serve the membership as an officer.

Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary or 3 Co-chairs) will be nominated and elected by secret ballot by the representatives for a term of one year at the July meeting and will be taking office at the August meeting.  Officers may serve two consecutive terms and may stand for re-election after one year’s absence from their previous term as an officer.

In case of a vacancy of an office, the representatives will elect a replacement from their members.  The replacement will serve until the annual election of officers is held.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Terry Moore at 982-1800 or email at  It has been a wonderful year and we need new folks to step up to the plate.