Health System Academic & Research Employee Council on December 19, 2002


Sharon Heyka, Chair, called the meeting to order.  Sharon thanked everyone for bringing in the food for our Holiday Employee Council Meeting.


Dean Garson, Guest Speaker:   Everyone introduced themselves to Dean Garson.  Dean Garson gave a very thorough projection for the Medical Center.  Patient care, basic research, education and public service are the goals for the coming decade.


Adults are living longer today, therefore, the patient care numbers increase.  Keeping patients alive is very expensive.  Prescription drugs increased in price 17.5% in the past year. Research study completed in the past two months indicates that only 37% of the aging population take their medication correctly because it is too expensive and because most people just don’t pay attention.  Preventive drugs keep you alive, however, this does not save money.  In the next 7-10 years there will be a physician shortage far greater than the nursing shortage of today.  The current medical school class will be the doctors who will be taking care of the aging “baby boomer” population.  Dean Garson's projection for UVA is that he would like to see Uva organize the team approach in caring for our patients.  Nurse practioners and physician assistants will be working more independently in the future as the doctor shortage increases.  UVA is looking at a creating a team care model for patient care.


Dean Garson reiterated that research and space are a number one priority for UVA at this point.  The term "translational research" is approaching.  A translational research program goes from bench to bedside to bench and involves basic scientists, clinical researchers and physicians.

There will be the need for further collaboration on future research projects between the basic science community and the physicians.


Medical Education will also need to change its approach and be more receptive to the manner in which people learn.  Not everyone learns in the same way so we should be able to tailor our programs to allow for these models. 


Patricia Clough has been hired as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Health System.  She will be meeting with the Clinical and Basic Science Chairs to discuss their needs and ideas for promoting the Health System. 



Old Business:  There was tremendous support for the sponsorship of families during the Holiday season.  Everything should be at the MR4 loading dock by 3PM on Friday, December 20th, 2002 to be dispensed to the families. The money that was donated was dispersed to the individual families.


New Business: Trips for 2003 – Copenhagen in March and Paris in November.


The minutes were approved for November, 2002 and the meeting was then adjourned.