Health System Academic & Research Employee Council Meeting

November 21, 2002


Sharon Heyka, Chair, called the meeting to order.


Sharon informed the Committee that Gene Block contacted her about 5PM last evening and said that he was unable to address the Committee today.  Mr. Block stated that he has a conflict that arose at the last minute.  We will attempt to reschedule this after the first of the year.


Alan Cohn, New Director of the Employee Relations.  The goal at this time is to make everyone aware of the Employee Relations Department and are open to assist with any problems in the workplace.  HR is presently working on integrated performances throughout the year.  HR's goal is to "prevent grievances".  Several members voiced their concerns about having the employees complete an evaluation for the supervisors.  Several members relayed that they knew employees were hesitant to seek assistance because of the fear of losing their jobs and/or retaliation.


Chris Loss from the Provost Office sat in for Anda Webb today as she was tied up in a meeting.  The greatest interest at this time to the Councils is the ongoing discussions about the eminent budget cuts and what that's going to mean.  Chris, Anda, Leonard Sandridge and Gene Block have had numerous meetings with the Deans about the upcoming budget cuts.   The target cuts will be available by next week.  Chris encouraged all Council members to attend the Budget Briefings to be held at the Newcomb Theatre on January 3, 2003.  The next legislative session is January 12, 2003.  There will be an additional surcharge across the grounds per student of $385 for the spring semester.  The next budget cut will be announced by Gov. Warner on December 20, 2002.


Old Business:  Lolita Bland had received the names for four families.  She gave a brief synopsis on each family and handed out fliers she had made with the information for each family.  Each council member will select a family to be sponsored by their department.  All donations are to be delivered to Sharon Heyka at MR-4 loading dock on December 20th by 5PM.  The donations will be delivered to the families by a council member.  The phone number for Sharon at her office is 4-9108.


Open enrollment for VSDP is November 25th, 2002 in Newcomb Hall, Commonwealth Room at 10AM.


Southern Health will have a new dental carrier effective January 1, 2003.   In addition, there are several prescription drugs that are being moved to Tier 3.


New Business: The Governor has granted an additional 8 hours to be used during the holidays.


The minutes were approved and seconded from October, 2002 and the meeting was then adjourned.