Health System Academic and Research Employee Council Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2002

Attendees: Leigh Ann Bush, Della Marsh, Johy Podrala, Annette Norton, Jennifer Roff, Jim Stork, Lynn McCutheon, Nancy J. Kriigel, Bonnie M. Martin, Pat Harlow, June Wade, Marie Taskey, Trish Reilly, Melinda Swisher, Kathleen Foster, Mary Leigh Thacker, Terry Moore, Marie Austin-Johnson, Anda Webb, Margaret Townsend, Kathleen Ashe, Sharon Heyka, Trisha Taylor, Bill Randolph, and Bill Vining.

Guests: Barbara Henry - HR/PR Integrated Systems Project
Bill Vining - Director Employee Relations/HR
Anda Webb - Budget

The co-chair Monte Parsons opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Anda Webb: Governor Gilmore has approved a 2% budget cut in the general fund. UVA non-general tuition will be affected, as they have not had to increase tuition in years. Also money is funded back through tuition and at this time no longer will be. The entire State budget includes Police, security guards, students and the utilities need to be paid out of this account as well.

Each department has been asked to cut 1%-2% and submit their findings. At this time the outcome is undetermined. A 3% budget cut is within planning. Budget prep for 2002-2003 is looking at a possible 6% budget reduction and the General Assembly will be very active on the budget planning.

There is no hiring freeze yet-with the discretion of departments-within budget cuts. Everything is "on the table." There may be a possible tuition increase. February 17, 2002 is the next General Assembly meeting and final amendments are to be presented to the budget bill.

Bill Vining: Mr. Vining reported that January 4, 2002 was the Legislative Forum. The Budget is one of the biggest issues and will be tougher in the upcoming year. Mr. Casteen and Mr. Sandridge stated that lay-offs are an absolute last resort.

Phase II for Employee Performance Evaluation Forms is in the process:
1. Documentation to determine classification and pay bands.
2. Determine goals and objectives-the current document is 11 pages long and is cumbersome to use and are trying to change to 4-5 pages.
3. Programs and training are in the upcoming months.

Trips - The Spain trip is closed with 175 people going.
The travel committee is planning the fall trip. Prior to September 11, the November 2002 trip was to Athens Greece. The original plan was one week in Athens and an optional Greek Island Cruise. Currently, the trip is still in the planning stages. If you would like to know more, you may access the UVA travel website.

Jay Scott will update us on the awards and recognition program in February.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

The minutes were submitted by Co-Chair, Terry Moore.